Adventure Time: Nemesis
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Introducing... The Peacemaster
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The AV Club readers had a mixed reaction to this episode.

I wouldn't be surprised if this episode was setting things up for a future storyline.

Best possible Halloween costume: Undercover Banana Guard.
posted by drezdn at 8:42 AM on August 8, 2014

Peppermint Butler is my hero.
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I enjoyed, but didn't love the episode. It sold itself when it showed PB watching the meeting and snickering to herself and then her sudden over dramatic reaction to being discovered by the Peacemaster. I liked how her three champions were all underwater training, which is turning into a theme this episode, our heroes are either otherwise preoccupied or left behind.

Were the banana guards playing some kind of Warhammer 40k game?

It was messed up, in a good way, that it took the Peppermint Butler seeing Peacemaker eating dirt in his underwear to make him realize he'd gone too far....not changing two of Peacemaker's kids into monster kids.

The minivan completely threw me for a loop. A mint condition working mini-van in the Candy Kingdom. I know there's been other working vehicles, but it just seemed out of place, despite its heavy presence as a joke.
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Likes from this episode:
1. Pickles
2. Peacemaster being an attentive single dad
3. Continuity of Peppermint Butler's evil side? or is he just completely evil
4. Underwater training
5. Candy Kingdom subjects sticking up for each other - even though one of them is evil
6. Banana Guard's crappy disguise
7. When Butler folds space and it appears as pencil drawings.

1. Peacemaster's defeat - I just felt bad for him and his kids

Yet despite the low dislike count, I didn't come away liking this episode as a whole that much.
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As noted above, I am a Peppermint Butler supporter. He's my twitter avi! You don't get much more serious than that, vis a vis pop culture allegiances. That said, I think he's getting a bad rap about his treatment of Peacemaster. It was Peacemaster who escalated the conflict to this level! Let's not forget that when he took round one, it was Peacemaster who set out to kill his beaten opponent with some kind of creepy stomach bag. That is not okay, Peacemaster! Peppermint Butler brought a knife to a gunfight the first time, then brought a nuke to...uh...another gunfight, I guess, but really, he had no way of knowing where Peacemaster was taking it next. He had to be ready for anything!

I find the episode more interesting the more I think about it; I think it's about the power of charisma. Peacemaster is one of those guys who's actually right about everything but is such a douche about it you really want him to be wrong. Referring to our D&D alignment chart (particularly appropriate for Adventure Time), Peppermint Butler is probably lawful evil (he honors his bargains), Peacemaster probably chaotic good...sound right? But people like Peppermint Butler, so in their eyes, he's the good guy and Peacemaster is the villain.
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I love how Pendleton Ward is constantly tugging at the happy kids-show corners of Adventure Time's veneer. Ward has always portrayed PB as a little Machiavellian (eg her decision to destroy all the Gumball Guards), and I wonder if her creation of a surveillance state in Ooo is meant not only as a critique/parody of the US but also sowing the seeds of PB turning full-on antagonist.
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PB has something of a god complex. She creates and destroys at will. She attempts to be all seeing and all knowing. And best of fall, she generally does it all through science! Which, as we learned, is more mystical and unknown than magic in the Land of Ooo.
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Has the nickname "Pep But" ever been used before?
posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:00 PM on August 9, 2014

I watched this one again last night with my Adventure Time super-fan friend. I asked him, "So, Bubble Gum is evil, huh?"


That'll be interesting.
posted by ob1quixote at 1:44 PM on August 10, 2014

It was messed up, in a good way, that it took the Peppermint Butler seeing Peacemaker eating dirt in his underwear to make him realize he'd gone too far....not changing two of Peacemaker's kids into monster kids.

At first, I was like, that's some kinda Magic Man shit, but Metroid Baby pointed out the kids loved being monster kids. Peppermint Butler seems to have chosen forms for them that matched their hearts' desires. That would still incense a parenting forum because what kids want now isn't necessarily what they'll want later, but it may be a point in his ethical favor.

Like everyone here, I love that they're continuing to use ambiguity to put the viewer off-balance a bit. Peppermint Butler seemed entirely good with a cute hobby before the Peacemaster stimulated him into doing something ethically weird.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this, possibly because it's the only video entertainment I've had in a couple days, but also because seeing Peppermint Butler spit out occult chants tickles me to no end. I'd dig an entire episode that was just Peppermint Butler performing a ritual. I'll have to settle for YouTube loops for now!
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Nothing spoilery, but I think I'd be up for a spinoff of Joshua and Margaret... or at the very least a remake of the Thin Man starring them.
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I agree with everything that's been said so far so now for something a little different

The kids love the dark arts in the same way that I was interested in D&D when I was a kid. This story might be more about an over-protective father than anything else.
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