South Park: Season 19
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SP Season 19 has a unique story structure. Full season discussion is better than a Yelp review.

A.V. Club gives more As than Bs but nothing lower. This season begs to be binge-watched.
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Here's my review: it's shit.
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I've really enjoyed this season so far.
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I'm not madly in love with the season (I miss Mysterion, hah), but I like the overall points they're making about advertising and sales. But what can we do about it? Nothing.
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Yeah this season has been a big pleasant surprise. I haven't laughed with the show like this in a long time. The nod towards Ex Machina also made it really enjoyable.
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I quit regularly watching this a couple years ago. One of the things that started turning me off is that I feel like some of their attempts of satirizing some liberal/lefty topics came off less funny/satire and more like actual right-wing leaning insults.

I haven't watched all of this season, but having heard a few good things I checked out the Yelp review ep, the Yaoi gay art ep, and the Safe Space ep. Enjoyed all of them, especially the safe space one.
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I've always assumed that in order to make humor about something one had to actually understand the topic at hand. This season has been incredibly unfunny because Trey and Matt are two smug millionaire old men, who quite obviously do not understand what they're mocking with the extended PC storyline. They're attacking the ghost of something that they've read about from, likely, other smug old men, and not the reality as it exists. As such, this whole season comes off as detached from reality (ironically, given what they wrote into the Safe Space episode) and mean-spirited. It's the epitome of the op-ed where the author reveals just how little they know about a topic as they launch into a self-confident take down.

You can't separate the politics of South Park from the humor, because it's an obviously political show. You don't get to make 'statements' about things like someone's civil rights, and then back off on those statements as not real because you were telling a joke. And, honestly, the politics of this season have been ill informed and juvenile - even more-so than they typically are. Apart from the political aspects, the overarching story isn't interesting, the jokes aren't landing, and the laughs are few and far between as Trey and Matt stand up on the side of the people with all of the power and pretend that, somehow, they are the victims. This is cloaked in the weak-ass gentrifying storyline, which seems like a feint to try and make it seem like they're attacking fake progressives, instead of what they're actually doing, which is shitting on attempts to fight for equal representation in academia, the market, and the political sphere.

I have a love / hate episode with the show. I don't tend to watch regularly, but I'll catch episodes at friends' houses. This season has switched that, firmly, over to 'hate'.
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A pretty accurate rule of thumb for me is "If this episode references current events, I won't enjoy it".

Super Fun Time, Marjorine, Toilet Paper, Scott Tenorman Must Die, Casa Bonita... These are the kind of episodes I like.
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Old men? They're 44-46.
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This season's been pretty good. Not as good as the show was ten years ago, but much better than the past few years. My main complaint is that it's been a long time since there's been a hilarious and need-to-tell-your-friends-about episode.

The first episode of the season could have been one of those, but I don't think Trey Parker has the enthusiasm for South Park anymore to push an episode to its full potential. I liked it, but there weren't enough laughs.

Plus, this Whole Foods/gentrification arc was done better in the smug cloud episode.
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Matt and Trey have been so successful in so many ventures, I'm kind of surprised they havent popped up in guest spots on 30 Rock or The Simpsons or Robot Chicken or anything really. I've always wondered if they'e really unpleasant to work with (I've heard they're really intense/harsh taskmaster with South Park but that's not really what I mean) or if they're just happier focusing on their own projects.
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That's a good question. Matt Groening and Mike Judge don't show up on other people's projects, so I don't think that's unique to Park and Stone. Seth MacFarlane seems like the only cartoonist who likes to get his face out there.
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About the only thing I am enjoying about this season -- and I've watched all previous seasons of SP and generally like it -- is how they keep reminding us of Caitlyn Jenner's killing someone with her car and getting away with it. I would personally like this to carry over into real life, so that no one can mention her without mentioning that.
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This was the best season in a long, long time. The choice of frat bros as the vanguard of social justice was hilarious.
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That finale was... alright?

I dunno what I was expecting but I feel like it could have been.. more. I'm satisfied, but it seems deflated after such a build up of the entire season. PC Principal coming back and punching out Leslie somehow was too expected. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much.

Garrison/Jenner 2016 might be hilarious in the next season though. And I hope Kyle goes back to making speeches.
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I did like how suddenly having guns made everyone actually listen to each other. Also, gun show as dog show.
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On the South Park season finale, guns fix everything - 'What is PC, but a verbal form of gentrification?'
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A- from AV Club

Classi (spelled with an “i” and a little dick that hangs off the “c” and fucks the “l” out of the “a-s-s”)
I need to stylize my name better.
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from the AV Club article:

"I’m someone who believes that we should have way, way stricter gun-control laws. But that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at a show that has a different point of view, especially when that same show doesn’t take its own politics too seriously."

I think this sums up how I feel about South Park in general. I can't identify with two 30-something white male Libertarians who supports the 2nd Amendment fully, but the show doesn't take anything, including itself, very seriously, and even sparks conversations about different view points. It's not the only show out there that peddles in crude subjects (lord knows I tried to watch some of the weirder stuff on Adult Swim) but it's one of the few that can use that stuff to discuss a concept of society that we otherwise don't want to honestly discuss.
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As far as I am concerned they'll have to be shitty in a lot of ways to make up for the good they did with their "Asshole vs Douche" episode about voting. I can't think of anything that has skewered get out the vote stuff with as much effectiveness while still effectively pushing a "but you still need to vote" message.
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I also just now noticed when I rewatched just that scene, that her car is emblazoned with her name in exactly the style she described.
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South Park's Gun Violence Finale Was the Smartest Episode of Its Smartest Season,” Matt Miller, Esquire, 10 December 2015
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I'm not sure what to do with the yaoi episode!
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You let it marinate in your heart, and then learn to accept the eccentricities of other cultures, and also Craig and Tweek.
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