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With the chip removed, John's speech is restored using a donor held in stasis near death, raising ethical issues. A Scarran in stasis is released and attacks John and D'Argo. Aeryn is revived at considerable cost to Zhaan.[via]
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I was not in a place to really write about the last episode, so I'm kinda skipping it and diving into this one. Not that I have a lot to say, but it's kind of an The Empire Strikes Back kind of episode. The good guys "win" but it's at a cost. The reveal that Zhaan was going to die for what she did to Aeryn was a surprise, I felt, because it seemed as if Aeryn had kind of rejected it. Though, I suppose, Aeryn becoming conscious was proof enough that it hadn't.

I shall mourn the alien surgeon. He was one of my favorite Farscape aliens and one of the most unique in my opinion. His companion, well adjusted, but not one I felt too bad for.

Aeryn using D'argo's weapon always a plus.

And, oh, yeah, the death spiral of my interest in the storyline involving two 'young folks' is now in full force. UGH. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH FARMING.
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P.S. we get a brand new opening and it's full of jazz!
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I haven't had much computer time to comment (kids all have choir/drama performances this time of year), but this is one of my favorite episodes. It is probably my favorite of Season 3, and is so aptly named. Season 3 really is the "Season of Death"--just count the number of characters who die in the next 22 episodes.

I love the look of the planet, the resurrection of Aeryn, the fight with the Scarran, John's face when he sees Aeryn, and of course, FINALLY, John's and Aeryn's declaration of love. Followed by Aeryn saying that they can't act on it! As if that stops the feelings, silly woman!

Many (a majority?) of fans feel that Season 3 is the best one. While definitely better over all than Seasons 1 or 4 (which still have great episodes), I sometimes like the innocence of Season 2 a little more. Season 3 is very angsty--it hurts so good!

Spoilerish: Another diagnosan appears in Peacekeeper Wars, so we do get to see the species again! (And maybe an interpreter, too...)

According to the Season 3 Companion book, David Kemper (writer/producer) carefully sowed seeds of the dilemma that John would face throughout the year into the new voice-over for the title sequence.
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