Last Man on Earth: Baby Steps
December 6, 2015 8:18 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Now it's Phil2's turn to piss off everyone in the group.

Okay, I finally got around to catching up on this.

After Erica announces her pregnancy, Carol is all, "...congratulations" and "I'm going to have to pass on your offer to run away with you" to Phil2. Tandy rubs it in to Phil2 about that.

Phil2 apologizes to Erica, who's hiding out with Gail. Gail is doing an excellent job of defending Erica, saying that the baby will have a father, just not you, it'll be the entire group.

Carol thinks this is the way that Tandy will earn his way back into the community, likening him to a wounded animal and everyone likes those. So Tandy milks his black eye for all its worth and at one point punches himself in it some more. .

Carol is pretty sad that Erica will be having the first baby (especially since it was unplanned and Carol's been trying for six months), but at the same time rubs the horrors of pregnancy into her. She hands over the "New First World Baby" hat she made already. She calls dibs on the names "Yorba Linda" and "Bezaquil" (?!?) though. Phil2 made something for Erica, but Gail tells him to move along and says, "I think he's almost worse than Tandy." Almost?!

While floating in the pool--in a margarita pool?--Tandy sees that Phil2 made a baby cradle and he's sadly rocking it alone and drinking.

Gail thinks Phil2 should get in the stocks instead of offering to get supplies, and ends up sending Tandy on a tortilla chip run. So he and Todd drive into the store (literally), where Tandy flips out about having to get the right chips and rejects the Scoops--what, like Gail's 4 years old? Too bad, turns out Scoops are her favorite. OF COURSE THEY ARE.

Todd isn't too happy with Melissa these days either, especially with the no babies thing. Tandy reassures him that Melissa wants them--but how does he know that? So Todd goes to Melissa to complain that she was ready to have babies with a guy she barely knew. She changed her mind, okay?! She also calls Todd out for "living a double life in a freaking bacon house." They concur that they can't trust each other.

Tandy sees Phil throwing the baby cradle into the trash, and grumbles to himself, "do not feel sad for this turd." He does anyway, but still encourages Phil2 to get into those stocks and make amends! Phil2 says his biggest regret is saving Tandy from the billboard and every day he wishes he'd let him die. "Everybody's life got worse the day they met you." WHICH IS TOTALLY TRUE. Tandy goes off to a lifeguard stand with his ball collection to ruminate about the movie "When A Man Loves A Woman" and how Phil2 is Meg Ryan and Tandy is Andy Garcia.

At night, Erica fondles the baby hat, Gail fondles her CPR dummy, Todd sleeps on the couch, Melissa reads in bed, Carol takes a lot of pregnancy tests, and we find out that Phil2 passed out drunk on the beach--where he could drown as the waves come in. Tandy drags him out of there on a surfboard, while apologizing, making penis comments, and going on about that movie. "Here, I'm gonna give you a taste of my Andy Garcia. Hoo-ah!"

Tandy rejoins Carol in bed, saying he was just helping Phil. Phil2 wakes up IN THE STOCKS. Tandy puts a pillow over his and Carol's heads as Phil2 screams.

Quote Corner:
"You should be kissing that dong." -Carol
"Gonna go take my wine for a walk." -Gail
"Unplanned pregnancy? That's awesome!" -Carol
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OK, likely because I'm binge watching, but seriously - did we not just do "gas go bad" on the last episode, and now everyone is driving through the grocery store?

I did enjoy Tandy's version of "When a Man Loves a Woman" though and I'm trying to figure out how many different movies he has mashed up there.
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