Star Trek: The Way to Eden   Rewatch 
January 9, 2016 12:02 PM - Season 3, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Chasing the stolen vessel Aurora, the U.S.S. Enterprise rescues the thieves just before the Aurora is destroyed. The group is led by Dr. Sevrin in a search for a mythological planet named Eden, a planet reputed to be a paradise.

"The Way to Eden" was first broadcast February 21, 1969. It was written by Arthur Heinemann, based on a story by Heinemann and D. C. Fontana (using the pen name "Michael Richards"), and directed by David Alexander.

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The episode can be viewed on Netflix and Amazon Prime.
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For a really long time -- my childhood through at least my thirties -- I believed that "Adam", played by Charles Napier, was played by the country singer and actor, Jerry Reed. Which, now that I'm looking at photos and considering that Adam sang in the episode, wasn't an entirely unreasonable belief.
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"Adam", played by Charles Napier

Can you reach that back in the 20th century he was Herbert? -- Or rather, he was Tucker McElroy, "lead singer and driver of the Winnebago".

They were real now, then.
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In my headcannon, the space hippy movement actually succeeded in making drastic changes in Federation society- you can see the result in Star Trek Next Generation. Hence no money, a massive expansion of the Prime Directive, and a reply arrogant belief that they have improved humanity.
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My dad is/was a huge Trekkie--as am I, as the result of upbringing--and this is the episode my mom would always reference when making fun of Trek.

She also hated Hair. Not despite being a flower child, but because of it.
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Spock asking Kirk if he could try speaking to the Severin & Co in the transporter room reminded me of Barbara Billingsley's "Excuse me, but I speak jive" scene in Airplane.
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This was an absolutely incredible episode and surprisingly topical for the current state of quarantine.
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