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Alicia/Lucca and Cary are somehow teamed together to work on the case of a super perky, clingy children's singer whose former record company is harassing the shit out of him now that he has viral videos. Meanwhile, Lockhart Whatever wants to poach their clients back, Florrick Quinn's about to get evicted for annoying the neighbors, and Marissa pleads Eli's case to Alicia.

Lord, this episode was not good.

The Case Of The Annoying Singer: Some indie pop singer dude named Rowly has turned into a children's singer and been dropped by his record company, and when one of his songs goes viral online, Christine Lahti (who just adopted a Chinese daughter! And she wants to make darned sure you won't forget it!) and the record company harass the shit out of him repeatedly until they win. There's nitpicking of when the songs got recorded, experts brought in, song demos sung, whatever. I don't get why Alicia and Cary are in on this together and I don't care too much to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Rowly, a Stage 5 Clinger if ever there was one, falls in love with Lucca at first sight. She agrees to screw him, but warns him she'll lose interest in about five minutes. Which she does. I'm sure this won't be any kind of problem at all in the future!

The Case Of The Irritated Neighbors: So Alicia's building has somehow fucked up the signs in a way that made no sense so that the lady in 609 is getting all of Alicia's business at her door. She puts in to have Alicia evicted for running a business in the house. Somehow Alicia's too busy to bother with this herself, so it's up to Marissa and Grace to figure out what other businesses are being run in the building. Even though Grace wins, Alicia straight up fires her daughter for doing too good a job at work and not getting A's at school. That's cold, woman.

The Case Of The Poaching Clients: Alicia's new poached clients that Grace landed don't like being told off by the woman in 609 either, so they reconsider Lockhart Whatever. In the end, the clients don't pick anybody because they don't like Lockhart's lawyers any more but don't like Alicia's lack of office either. Cary makes Alicia and Lucca an offer to rejoin LG, and Alicia is basically all HELL NO. Afterwards Lucca is all, hey I might have considered it. So that ends awkwardly.

The Case Of The Unforgiving Alicia:
Marissa pops back into our lives, first begging Eli for a job and his old tiny office (Ruth has fled, saying that someone's likely to attack Peter now, but whatever), but he says no. Also, she finds out what went wrong with Alicia. Marissa skips over to ask Alicia for a job (with what money, har, no job here) and Alicia's Eli-annoyance comes out again. Marissa pleads Eli's case and asks her to forgive Eli, but Alicia says she can't. She hurts and she can't. Eli is the new Kalinda.

Also, Eli is totally shocked, shocked! at the idea that he might want to sleep with Alicia. Just so you know.

Quote Corner:
* You’re like a Bond girl!”
“I like artists, but I lose interest in them real quick. You want to go home?" --Rowly and Lucca
* Rowly's use of the term "creative orgasm." He has multiple O's while writing 8 songs in a row after his contract ran out.
* There's a song called "Moony Moonikins." Kill me.
* "This is getting a bit ridiculous." --Judge Page
* "Mom, you can’t fire me and hug me at the same time.”
“Oh, yes I can.” --Grace and Alicia
* "You got Mom pregnant, so we're doing this now." --Marissa
* "God, it's like a soap opera while I"m gone." --Marissa
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This wasn't a terrible episode but lately I keep catching myself playing a game I call "Let's watch that show instead". I see someone who is more interesting/fun than Alicia and I think "I wish I could watch a show about them instead."

Last week I wanted to watch a show about Howard and Jackie deciding how to spend $2 million.

This week I wanted to watch a show about the lady in 609 (Maybe she gets lawyers' mail by mistake and decides to become a lawyer herself! And solves crimes!) - or a show about Roby and Lucca's torrid affair, or a show about Ruth (Where does she go next?) or a show about Marissa (Israel! San Francisco! Her life must be interesting.) And, Heaven help me, I wanted to watch a show about Grace (She saves the law firm from disaster while the real lawyers are busy with silly arguments! And solves crimes!)

Anyway... I guess I liked lots of parts of this episode. And I enjoyed the references to the recent "Blurred Lines" lawsuit, with the ridiculous musicologist talking about "microsegments of music" that sound the same. I just wish this show could get back on track...
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I got it: Diane will finally get her judgeship, clearing the way for Alicia to rejoin Cary. Howard resigns, marries Jackie, and holds onto the $2 million. David Lee will just have to suck it up. The End.
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I really liked all the individual parts of this episode but it didn't really hang together like I would have liked.

(I also watched the last two episodes in a row last night, and last week's bar was very, very high for me so that might be a lot of it.)

I would have forgiven a lot more if Marissa had taken over Grace's job, as I felt like we were being led to believe might happen. More Marissa all the time.

I also really liked Judge Marsha Mason.
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or a show about Ruth (Where does she go next?)

It's unfair to compare basically anything to a potential Margo Martindale vehicle.
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Huh. I was convinced that the pop singer was Alicia's brother. Looking back on the other episode he was in, I now have no idea where I got that idea.
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Ha, yes, downstairs neighbor was full of possibilities and I resented her getting called "bitch" all the time. And Grace was shortchanged by not getting any recognition at all for her HOA efforts.

I respected Alicia for not forgiving Eli. Life isn't kindergarten and nobody can force you to accept an apology.
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