Orphan Black: Variation Under Nature   First Watch 
August 13, 2014 6:00 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Sarah meets Cosima, another lookalike. Cosima and Alison reveal to Sarah all that they know about what is happening with the lookalikes including that they are clones. As Beth, Sarah must investigate the death of the body she buried.
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Felix is the BEST babysitter in the world!
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Felix is awesome!

One of the best things about the early episodes of Orphan Black is that it's not obvious which direction this show is going to go. It takes you on a whirlwind tour of potential sub-genres early on. This is the police procedural episode, where much of the fun is Sarah trying to bluff her way through a homicide investigation without the first idea wtf she's doing. You can totally see the show being this - fake cop solving real crimes while trying to protect the secret that she isn't who she says she is. And that would be a great show, actually. But nope, you've barely got a toe into the rabbit hole at this point, and next episode we're off in another direction entirely.

It's one of those virtuoso performances that blithely tosses what would be a whole career's worth of work for a normal TV creative team into one show just to show off.
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I started watching this show a year ago, got as far as episode 2 and stopped. I've just started again and my husband and I are both hooked.

I am more and more impressed at the main actress's ability to switch roles so fluidly. Alison in particular is hilarious with her hand-wringing and general twitchiness. Cosima is a bit too similar to NCIS's Abby (the quirky alt-nerdy tech girl that seems to be turning into a trope) so I hope she is fleshed out more.
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So Alison helped Sarah. Then Sarah helped Art. These are putting Sarah in a better place but making it more difficult for her to run, though the biggest thing is still Kira. Sarah realizes it wouldn't help Kira if she grabbed her and ran because then Sarah would be in trouble with Mrs. S, Art, Alison and the huntress clone. It took a lot, but she's learning?

I am wondering if Art or Paul will figure out that Beth isn't around first.
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