The Newsroom: The 112th Congress   Rewatch 
August 13, 2014 8:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

"What is this meeting?" "Is it News 101?" "To artificially hype the threat of a bomb? You're confusing it with Douchebaggery 101!"

Will and company reboot News Night by apologizing for their past failures in educating the public and lays out the approach underpinning News Night 2.0. Maggie has a panic attack during a meeting and Jim coolly handles it. Charlie manipulates Will into going after the Tea Party, and attends a meeting with Reese and Leona Lansing (set in the immediate aftermath of the Tea Party offensive). Will dates a string of women, from cheerleaders to neurologists (irking Mackenzie), but Mac may have the last laugh when she introduces her boyfriend to Will. During their coverage of midterm elections, Don yells at Elliot to get in the game, and Elliot calls him out for misplacing his anger over his Don's recent breakup with Maggie onto Elliot.
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One thing I didn't pick up on in previous viewings was the understanding that Leona Lansing isn't a liberal and the selection of a known Republican to anchor the main news broadcast at ACN wasn't an accident. That makes her tone of betrayal when she says, "We've lost David," make more sense.
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Was Will a known Republican? I was under the impression that until he reveals it on News Night during the course of the reboot, it was not widely known. One of the things the host of the panel in the pilot says is that McAvoy has "almost religiously avoided stating or implying a political allegiance."
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Huh, I've made a hash of the story in my head I guess. Looking at the Newsroom Wikia [Spoilers Ahoy!], I've made assumptions about how McAvoy came to be on the air that aren't borne out by the story.
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