The Flash: Fast Lane
February 3, 2016 4:56 AM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Barry teams up with Wells to figure out a way to close the breaches, but they are distracted by a meta-human nicknamed Tar Pit who can transform into liquid asphalt. Iris is concerned for Wally's safety after she finds out about his drag racing hobby.
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May I mention that everything about the Wally street racing stuff annoyed the hell out of me? I was actively hating Iris for large parts of the episode for it and found myself hoping that she was going to be killed by the car. I'm not sure why her behavior about that pushed my buttons so hard, but it did. I'm curious if anyone else reacted that way.

There was a single line that acknowledged that Wally's mother had just died, but otherwise the entire episode was written as if this had happened six months or a year ago.

I did like the ending a lot.
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 5:20 AM on February 3, 2016

The entire Wally plot is actively irritating. He's being primed so hard to be another speedster someday and he's such an off-putting character. Yes, he's all about speed, more speed, yeah, we get it, now lay off and ship him off to Coast City or somewhere else we don't have to deal with him. I have no interest in him being Barry's protégé or, god help us, replacement.
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Earth-2 can't have Harry back when this season is over; I love him and we're keeping him. Unless he dies saving Jessie and Team Flash, in which case bring on Earth-3 Harry!

I don't understand why Harry & Team Flash couldn't use Zoom's willingness to immediately inject himself with Harry's speedforce syringe to somehow poison or otherwise handicap him.

Cisco anxiously mother-henning Barry about his diet and feeling his forehead for fever was precious.
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Where is Wally living since his mother died? Is he a legal adult yet? Has he actually moved to Central City yet or is he just commuting regularly for the street races?

I did enjoy Wally's double-take at Hottie Iris strutting up at the race. "Hot girl! Wait no SISTER, AGH MY BRAIN"
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(in unison) "Felicity Smoak" cracked me up.
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Earth-3 Harry would probably be evil. Maybe we should look on Earth-Prime.
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"You know your Earth-2 is MY Earth-1, right?" Harry is frequently the best thing on this show.

Second-best thing tonight was Papa Joe just throwing his hands up and going around punching people. And excuse me, inexplicably losing 2% of your speed force seems like a HUGE deal. As a scientist, Barry should've had a different reaction -- and I kind of resent the show for hurting Iris again just to emphasize that he wasn't taking the issue seriously enough.

Agreed that Wally is super-unlikeable. That outfit Iris had on for the racing/lecture scenes was pretty horrid, too.
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Earth-3 Harry would probably be evil. Maybe we should look on Earth-Prime.

That'd just be Tom Cavanagh, though, right? "What are you people talking about? I'm an actor on a TV show! OH SHIT WHAT IS GRANT DOING??!"

They then need to use Cavanagh to play Wells in order to prevent, I dunno, Black Flash from claiming Wally's soul or something. After winning, Cavanagh ends up with speed force powers, comes back to our Earth, and fights crime.
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Every week I look at the clock and it's only 8:20 but I know I've just watched at least 2 hours of tv so far. This show moves ridiculously fast (no pun intended) every week. They pack so much in that it's mind boggling. Every week is like a movie. So it seems like Wally just appeared last week (he actually did only appear two weeks ago I think.....geez) and Iris is already being way too big sisterly and judgmental and disapproving and I hate it. She is annoying as hell. I actually prefer Wally to her. Her character is a bore. Just nothing but angst.
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I am really glad that Team Flash weren't the horrendous hypocrites that they seemed to be half way through the ep. Poor Harry.
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C'mon Iris, you and your father don't have to approve of Wally's racing in order to have a goddamned relationship with him. That made no sense to me.
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Hey, at least no one blamed him for Iris getting hurt. I seriously thought it was going to go in that direction for a bit. "We told you it was dangerous and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!"

Oh yeah, Wally's car was totalled. That sucks. Hopefully his insurance doesn't have a "don't go to Central City" clause.
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C'mon Iris, you and your father don't have to approve of Wally's racing in order to have a goddamned relationship with him. That made no sense to me.

You know I didn't have an issue with this. Whether planned or not, it came across to me as both of them not handling this right. Joe is indeed being too chummy, but he's right that he can't just fully drop the hammer on someone who he was not a part of raising. Iris is right that Joe is not being himself, but her way of handling this was reckless and part of why she was injured - getting yourself up front and in the face of a violent person and just trusting they'll buy your "I am streaming this audio" and not just kill you anyway? Dumb.

I was unclear on why she was tarted up, though. I assumed it was to try to get to be the eye candy who waves the flag (for reasons?) but instead... you just have to dress that way if you're a woman at a drag race? I didn't quite get it, as much as I was amused by the "eww I just oogled my sister" moment.
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This was definitely a step up from the last episode. As always, the standout performance is Tom Cavanagh, who plays anti-villain very well here. And yes to everybody saying the Wally plotline is a drag on the rest of the show.

I also want to say that this season has really endeared me to Carlos Valdes' Cisco. I don't know if he's stepped it up a notch, or his character is getting better direction/writing, but IMO he's running a very close second behind Cavanagh in making this show enjoyable for me. Cisco has just become so reliably charming (that scene with him and Barry in the hallway was so adorkable) that I look forward to every scene he's in. It's a big improvement from the first season, and I'm hoping that they keep up the good work.
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the Wally plotline is a drag

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