Star Wars Rebels: Legends of the Lasat
February 4, 2016 6:42 AM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The crew of the Ghost discover two refugees from Zeb's ruined homeworld, Lasan. Inspired by an ancient legend, they set off on a journey to find a new home for the surviving members of Zeb's race.

  • The music in this episode was inspired by the work of composer Philip Glass.
  • The wise female Lasat, Chava, referred to her belief in the "Ashla." In the early story treatments for Star Wars, Lucas had given both the light and dark aspects of the Force specific names. The Light Side was Ashla and the Dark Side, Bogan. Ashla was even considered as an early name for Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars.
  • The original working title of this episode was "Legacy of the Lasat," which was changed when an earlier episode of Season 2 ended up being called "Legacy."
  • The trading outpost in this episode is Nixus Hub 281, located on the same world as the hub seen in the earlier Season 2 episode, "Brothers of the Broken Horn."
  • In the script, Gron (the male Lasat) was to clarify why the Lasat were hunted by the Empire by stating, "We are living evidence of their crime on Lasan. To hide the legacy of their evil, they would wipe our kind from the galaxy forever."
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It was nice to have a Zeb centered episode.
posted by Seamus at 6:35 PM on February 4, 2016

The music in this episode was inspired by the work of composer Philip Glass.

The music in this was amazing.
posted by Mezentian at 3:03 AM on February 5, 2016 [2 favorites]

The music made that scene, which was already stunning visually. It all was surprisingly compelling: that gorgeous star anomaly, the music, and Kanan and Ezra quietly placing their hands upon Zeb. I felt a little short-changed by not seeing the world they found, and I wish they'd spread more of these stories out over two episodes.
posted by The Nutmeg of Consolation at 5:49 AM on February 5, 2016 [2 favorites]

I wish they'd spread more of these stories out over two episodes.

It did feel short.

Am I right in thinking they have ditched the old Clone Wars 3-episode standard?
posted by Mezentian at 6:41 AM on February 5, 2016

For some reason, this episode didn't work for me. I did like the peek into Zeb's backstory, but it wasn't enough of a look. I also found the elder female shaman character to be kind of annoying.

I dunno, I just have a non-specific can't-put-my-finger-on-it dislike of this episode. I don't think it was bad, but it wasn't good either.
posted by Fleebnork at 6:45 AM on February 5, 2016

Was it because parts of it made no sense (Ghost, off to uncharted space, and not worrying about the fuel bill?) and Zeb's magic staff (which was worse than Jar Jar) and the allusions to 2001 which is not a good movie?
posted by Mezentian at 7:57 AM on February 5, 2016

The music was amazing. I was talking about it with my husband while we were watching it. And agreed that the bit with Kanaan and Ezra quietly supporting Zeb was awesome.

Sometimes Star Wars remembers it can be magical in a good way. This was the good way for me. Just outright "the Force is a real thing and does supernatural stuff" and not apologizing for it or treating it like probability manipulation or tricks. And when you let go and trust it, miracles happen.
posted by immlass at 8:04 AM on February 5, 2016

I felt as if this episode may have had the best scoring yet of this season, if not the show.

Am I right in thinking they have ditched the old Clone Wars 3-episode standard?

Honestly, by the end, I believe they were almost running at 5 to 6 episode standard story arcs at times. Rebels has definitely not been following anything of a specific multi-episode story arc with several exceptions (such as the "stand alones" that start each season and tend to end the seasons), but has relied more upon a general daisy chain narrative. Usually, every episode flows into the next narratively speaking. This one was actually more of an exception and as far as we know, can definitely stand on its own. One doesn't necessarily need to have seen "Brothers of the Broken Horn," to figure out Hondo's character and the role he plays in this episode.

I think this is detrimental to telling fuller stories, so we tend to dip only so deep into the background of characters, like Zeb in this one. Sabine's background was equally examined on the same level in the previous episode. Lots of bits and pieces, but not the greater tapestries of their characters. I completely agree that a number of these episodes could benefit even from a two episode arc.

Beyond it's timed limitations, this was one of those episodes you simply have to run with the application of the mystical Force at work. As I thought about this episode yesterday, I figured I could rationally Zeb's weapon's role in the film by pointing out that it's the weapon used by elite members of the Royal Guard (or whatever Zeb is - I'm too lazy to check at the moment) and perhaps was built in the same exact manner for thousands of years. Components built into it at its first original design included the information needed to guide a ship to the original Lasat planet and create the electrical field necessary to pass through clusters of what were essentially black holes. I can envision that as a some kind of possible rational answer....but it's not in the show, so we have to accept the Force, legend and prophecy.

We already mentioned the score, but the animation and direction was still pretty great. What I love about the direction on Rebels is that it's more dynamic and more akin to traditional live action direction than animation direction. Often times, animation can get bogged down by the need to look at the scenes like a total picture - and the best animation moves away from that perspective of needing to have everyone or most of everyone in a frame. Also, animation wise, I LOVE HOW THE LASAT FEET WORK. You can get this great feel for the muscle/mass of their feet as they take a step with their toes landing first and then the rest of the foot settles down around it.

I also do have the complaint about feeling short changed by the lack of seeing "old" Lasan, and I get the feeling that there either was a purposeful reason for not showing it or they didn't simply feel they had the time and resources to do it justice.
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Yeah I wasn't fond of the magic staff. (The jokes write themselves)
posted by Fleebnork at 11:41 AM on February 5, 2016

I would have also preferred the weird magic not have a technological device be required.

Like this is magic, not quite the force as the jedi understand it... but cool.

Maybe Zeb just does this magic? Maybe that's why the emperor genocided his people? I'd be 100% on board with that.
posted by French Fry at 8:50 AM on February 8, 2016

So they're looking at a 3D hologram map, and they do something with a rock and staff and Zeb's rifle so that a yellow light points to a planet, and Kainan says, that planet is not on any maps? Apart from the one you are looking at you mean?
posted by biffa at 8:16 AM on July 18, 2017

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