Top Chef: Restaurant Wars, Part II
February 11, 2016 7:09 PM - Season 13, Episode 10 - Subscribe

PART DEUX! It's time for dinner service. Phillip shows off his chest tats to the customers.
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  • This episode was a real downer! Some really bad food, much of it cooked by the better chefs in the competition.
  • I was sure they were going to go for a double elimination tonight after the no-elimination episode last week. God knows they had enough fail to go around.
  • Tom's one-word reaction after tasting Amar's dish: "BAD." (I like Amar, so that was sad, but it was also kind of funny.)
  • Phillip was very Phillip. So much Phillip. The most Phillip.
  • My wife, while we were watching: "If they keep Phillip and send Amar home, you'll need to hold onto the remote so I don't throw it at the TV." Then, a few minutes later: "YES! YES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The cat was very alarmed.
  • On the positive side, however: I want Isaac to win every time just for that reaction. Hoooooly shit. Gif city.

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Le sigh. This was a fairly disheartening episode. I believe this was some of the worst food we've seen across the board all season. (Our hopes were doubly dashed, since everyone's been so talented.) Still, it's nice that Isaac will finally get some respect and Marjorie has emerged as a star. I guess another sad thing about so much suck at dinner was not getting to see Jeremy dressed down for his lunch screwup. Fortunately, the judges are now sick of crudos, so he'll get his pretty soon... (I like Jeremy, but it's become a little much with the crudos.)

But you know what makes up for all of this? The shining, beautiful light at the end of the poopy, poopy tunnel? PHILLIP IS GONE! Ahahahaha! Gotta admit, we were pretty thrilled at Casa CatastropheWaitstaff (me especially). And since he has virtually no chance at redeeming himself on LCK, I think he's gone for good--so no more hearing about his restaurant, his model wife, or his tattoos.
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The shining, beautiful light at the end of the poopy, poopy tunnel

I know this is unspeakably crass, but I feel like you're describing a colonoscopy.
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"To be honest, I was very surprised." WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED????? WHY WHY WHY?????

Oh, wait. Because this is PHILLIP we're talking about.

So glad that we have been put out of our misery. I can't watch the Phillip Show anymore.

Also, I knew that risotto was doomed the moment Jeremy started precooking it. Who the hell makes risotto with WATER? They should have kicked him off for that. He cooked like a douchebro this whole episode.
posted by St. Hubbins at 9:01 PM on February 11, 2016

Well, at least Phillip can comfort himself with the knowledge that he did NOTHING wrong.

Terrible, bad, stupid, icky -- maybe. But not WRONG.
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Favorite exchange at Judges' Table (paraphrased):
"Good thing you're not judging the cocktail!"
"Says who?"

The fact that Phillip was talking up his own restaurant to patrons was incredibly gauche, on top of all his other ridiculousness.

His tone-deafness is legend.
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Superplin, that exchange was perfect. It's a rare man who can display tone-deaf cocksure bravado even when referencing how he fucked up. To then see that balloon deflate suddenly and completely was just... *kisses fingertips*
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Double win for me this week - my favourite, Isaac, coming out on top and the repellent Philip going home. Isaacs's talking heads have been the best for a long while, he's funny and personable and I like the way he points at the camera me.

I think Marjorie might win this whole thing. She seems unflappable, can make pretty much anything and so far hasn't thrown a tantrum or bitched about anyone.

District's dinner menu was very unbalanced, with no dessert - unless you count Philip's strawberry salad jam sauce thing, whatever it was, which was intended to be a savoury dish anyway. Just about everything he's made that he says is on his restaurant's menu and all his customers love has turned out to be a disaster.

Jeremy needs to go and he was lucky this week that Philip fucked up even more. Oh no, wait, Philip did NOTHING wrong, I forgot. Showing your tattooed chest to customers who are trying to eat, yeah, we all want to see that. But what saved Jeremy was that Padma liked his egg and asparagus lunch dish.
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