Real Humans: "Break In, Break Loose"
August 16, 2014 9:16 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In a world full of humanoid robots (hubots) some people struggle to accept the new technology, while a group of free willed hubots wants their freedom from human ownership. When Odi, the hubot of grandpa Engman, becomes defective, the family gets a seemingly great deal on a new model - two for the price of one! The three kids of the Engman family quickly take a liking to their first hubot, Anita, while the parents argue and decide on a two week trial period.
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At this point I totally thought that the father, Hans, would use the hubot for more than household chores. And how creepy is Vera? Shudder.
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Oh, the show can be found floating around the net in Swedish, French and German if anyone is interested! English subs are also available. This is the IMDB page:
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That salesman was really good with his bit about having a cancellation on the geriatric Hubot. Lies, lies, lies. ‎He also knows his customers--getting the guy to buy the sexy bot. The geri-bot lacked social skills, however. 

The van that stole Mimi, was it chasing it the Hubots and Leo? There's nothing to indicate how they just happened upon the farmhouse. 

‎How can the wife see through her son but not her husband? 

What ultimately fails for me here is the different personalities. It looks great but it's all programming. You can program your coffee maker or your "Siri" to say I love you and act accordingly. 

Travelwithcats, I'm positive Hans will hook-up with Anita eventually. He has that vibe.
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I think Silas, the guy with the van, is a very shady character who makes money off stolen, broken or abandoned hubots. It's not a far stretch to think that he would follow a group of owner-less hubots and wait for the right opportunity to snatch one or two.
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Interesting premise, and it made me think of Tik-Tok, about a world with humanoid robots, robot morals, robot ownership and such interesting topics. Some of the book is pretty heavy-handed, but it covers a wide range of topics that might come up in this show.
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I have to be careful with what I say, because I'm rewatching now. In particular there was one moment where I wondered whether they'd thought the characterisation through yet.

I usually refer to it (if I need to explain it to people) as a "domestic Blade Runner".

The Engmans are so much the archetypal Swedish family they live in an Ikea catalogue.

Silas more or less says they were following the bots, which is why he went back to the farmhouse to see if there were any more.

There's also the class thing between the Engmans (she's a lawyer) and Roger (manual worker) over the road in the smaller house.

Also, I amuse myself in a sideline sort of way by spotting Swedish words that have made it into Scottish, but not English - for example bra/braw (meaning good), barn/bairn (meaning child)

(And I've always thought a more elegant translation of the title might be "Real People", which captures the themes better. But everyone uses "Real Humans", because I suspect that's a more literal translation of the Swedish title.)
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