Mad Men: The Inheritance   Rewatch 
August 17, 2014 10:28 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Betty visits her ailing father. Paul's girlfriend Sheila tries to convince him to prioritize his civic duties. Pete's mother disapproves of an idea that Pete and Trudy are considering.
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On a show filled with horrible parents, Pete's mother is among the worst.
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Bert wishes Harry Crane a happy birthday, both hilarious and literal.

Hildy and Harry, awkward again.
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Is this the first time we see Don (or anyone) heading to California to look for some new perspective on things?
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Pete talking to Peggy about flying on a plane and hating his mother, also awkward.

Ugh, Betty. You want to feel sympathy towards her, for all of the stuff she's dealing with - Don's cheating, her father's stroke, her continuing ennui. But then she's all hateful towards her father's new wife and gleeful about Helen Bishops's boyfriends and attention from a 10 year old, and you just want to slap her.
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And the jardiniere! Don't forget that hissy fit.

I really like the relationship between Pete and Bud, even though Bud could not resist dropping the tidbit about Pete and Trudy considering adoption.
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Yes, I've always liked Pete and Bud's relationship. Bud, despite being the favorite, was under no illusions as to what his parents were all about. He's always treated Pete with a certain amount of sympathy and understanding.

Joan seemed to get quite a kick out of telling Paul he wouldn't be going on the trip to CA.

Peggy looked smart in her black and white checked outfit. She's dressing better.

Is this the first time we see Don (or anyone) heading to California to look for some new perspective on things?

I think so.
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Sally's outfit when she comes in from playing outside with Carla and Bobby#3 (I guess down at the park). And Glen missing for a couple of days and the whole neighborhood doesn't already know?

But the whole, "I hate you." "I know." makes me giggle - like Star Wars. "I love you." "I know."

Such powerplays this season with Betty. Putting Sara Beth and young hunk at lunch together. Picking at Helen Bishop and then trying out "Don isn't living here" on her.

"They don't know what made them so special all of a sudden." Such a capture of how much the kids are nearly ignored unless they are used as trophies or pawns ... by both of them.

"The hardest part is realizing you're in charge." Helen on what's going on after the husband has been kicked out ... I think I'd call that a line of the episdoe to me. Another kind of growingup, a new growingup of the new less shameful class of woman, the divorcee. Where just a year or two ago Betty and Francine were worried what Helen's moving in would do to property values!
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