Hello from the Magic Tavern: Year One
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Last July, MetaFilter was introduced to HftMT, and while there aren't seasons per se, the first anniversary will be next week.
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I'm still listening - it's the staple of my Monday walk - and have managed to get my wife into it as well. We've been quoting Clax the Skeleton ("Well, I've decided to take offense.") for weeks, usually when the actor shows up on his Sonic commercials, but often at other times when we've decided to take offense to that.
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This was an excellent reminder to actually download this and give it a shot, so thanks for posting! I've only listened to the first episode so far, but it has the right level of goofiness for me.

Once I get a bit further in, I'll check back.
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This podcast is so good.

I don't want to spoil it but the payoff to Usedor intro gag around episode 13/14 had me crying with laughter.

My favorite line probably is Flower's : "I will mess you up on an emotional level"
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They're part of Earwolf now! An interesting development.

I keep hoping that they push forward with the larger narrative. It feels like it's been ages since anything important has happened. I understand that it's not really the point of the podcast, but the prospect of bigger happenings in the quest to defeat the Dark Lord is still tantalizing.
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I just started listening to this and am a few episodes in. It can get a bit bro-y -- there are too many gay jokes and poop jokes for me -- but Flower's "everybody loves me" had me crying with laughter. Tell me Flower comes back, please please please.
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