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Claire is taken to meet the Laird. As suspicions about her grow, Claire befriends the mysterious Geillis Duncan. When the clan discover her medical skills, Claire goes from guest to prisoner.

"Only if you try to leave."
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I gasped when I saw the Mackenzie's ankles and legs. My first thought was rickets.

Right now the big problem I have with this show is that it doesn't seem like it's set in November like they said in the first episode. But then, have yet to see a TV show that looks like it was shot in the season it's supposed to portray.
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I saw red and orange leaves on the trees, but I'm not familiar with the seasons in Scotland.
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I've started re-reading the book, and for some reason I was picturing Geillis as older than she appears on the show - like in her 50's? I read fairly quickly, and have bad tendency of unintentionally skimming past physical descriptions, did I do it again or did the show cast her younger?

Loved Mrs. Fitzgibbons, knew I recognized her from something though I had to scroll through her imdb page to place her, it was from her Doctor Who episodes as the Slytheen villain.
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Oh yeah!, pop into the book readers thread and I'll give you my $.02 on Geillis's age.
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oops, sorry, there was only the one thread when I looked earlier, didn't see this was the newer show-only thread.
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Is there any way to watch this without cable TV, has anyone discovered? Does Starz have a cheap online-only deal or anything? I can't find one if they do, but I'm also paranoid of accidentally shutting down our internet or changing cell phone plans or something.
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Why is it that whenever there's a white male protagonist rebelling against British rule, it's always about a woman getting raped (Rob Roy, Braveheart, and this show)? Is it just that writers don't think that audiences can become invested in the idea of throwing off the yoke of imperialism on its own? Or is it supposed to give female viewers someone to cheer for?
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I just figured it was because women were/are always getting raped, especially in tumultuous times and places.
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Well, there's certainly ample evidence of rape as a deliberate war tactic throughout ancient & modern history, though, you're right about it turning up as a plot device in every Scottish vs. English movie I've ever seen.

I do think that Outlander at least didn't try to make the rape scene sexy. I mean, between Jamie and Jenny in that scene, I think Jamie was probably more objectified than Jenny, even with the dress-ripping.
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Thoughts at this point: I'm really starting to like the actress. I wish there were way less voiceovers, though. Most of the time they're clumsy and completely unnecessary. Also, I'm pretty sure I've now heard the word sassenach often enough, thank you.

Would the rape of a sister be something a 18th century Scotsman would feel comfortable talking about like that, or rather a painful family secret? To a woman, no less, who I think polite society tried to shield from taboo topics? Although maybe things worked differently in the Highlands.
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