Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Follow me if you want to survive this industry
March 1, 2016 3:53 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Samantha Bee starts by giving us a tour of the Full Frontal offices, then chronicles the race between a barely contained cluster of frustration, a human Upworthy post, the World's only unlikable Canadian, a puppet who finally became a real boy and a tangerine-tinted trashcan fire, before turning to the most important election of our time (hint: not what you're expecting). In the second bit, she looks at abortion laws in Texas, looks at Black History Month with show writer Ashley Black and looks at the ongoing dispute between the Girl Scouts and the St. Louis Archbishop.
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It was pretty interesting watching this a week after John Oliver's abortion episode in what was a great unintentional coincidence.

Samantha Bee is hot fire now.
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I think this episode is another indicator she's aiming for the Daily Show style (which she helped shape, as I believe she was the longest-serving correspondent), but closer to LWT in presentation - the final bit with the girl scout cookies is something I'd totally see John Oliver doing. Add in Samantha Bee, and you have a really really great show.
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I love the "most important election" segment. She's making it a point not to pull punches, and I hope it works out for her because those punches are needed.
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It was interesting after all the talk on the blue last week about whether LWT's abortion segment was funny or if it even needed to be funny. Samantha Bee totally just rocked an abortion segment and made it hilarious.
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I liked the piece with Ashley Black and hope they can find room for her to be on camera more. If there's one problem with John Oliver's format (and Colbert before him) it is being so focused on the host and not having the correspondents. The Daily Show timeline shows a lot of careers that maybe didn't start there but got a big push being there.

(which she helped shape, as I believe she was the longest-serving correspondent)

She was the longest serving full time correspondent and I think helped define the remote segments after they got too popular to do gotcha style interviews. Her pieces helped prove that someone can totally know you are from a fake news comedy show and they will still talk to you and say ridiculous things.
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Just saw the abortion segment through a non-MeFi link. Wow is she good.

At first I was thinking she should have replaced Stewart on the Daily Show, but it's probably better that she gets her own show and doesn't have to fight against the weight of history there.
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