Lucifer: Favorite Son
March 1, 2016 5:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

When Lucifer bails on a murder investigation that bores him, he must persuade Chloe to let him back on the case after realizing that something very personal to him was stolen during the crime.
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This was easily the strongest episode so far. We're finally getting into some serious plotlines. Lucifer is far more entertaining when he's angry.
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The non-procedural plotlines are still far and away the best parts of the show.
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Yeah, best episode so far. Lucifer is a lot more interesting when he's something in addition to smug/debauched. Chloe's explanation of her issue with Lucifer on this case is a very nice, genuine character moment for her.
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Yeah, that was better. This was the first time I can think of where they used something from the comics about why Lucifer quit. Less procedural claptrap and sitcom humor, more like this please.
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OK so I am unfamiliar with the source material, but I definitely enjoyed this much more than mystery of the week. I had a feeling they were building up to this though rather than starting it.
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The scene with Lucifer and his therapist was especially good. Those scenes have usually been played for chuckles, so I was disarmed for how dramatic it got.
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I also liked the angel the manipulated the therapist. The dynamic of Lucifer being totally open about who he is vs the angel's ruse is really interesting. That's the angel is manipulative while Lucifer truly gives others freedom of choice (which he himself wants) is also very intriguing.
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Another voter for best episode so far. From the beginning he's been using the fiery eyes and skinless face to scare people, but the moments when when the facade slips, those are the scary ones, and Ellis uses them to great effect.

Glad I gave this show a chance.
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Dropping in later as per usual. So far:

1) It kind of bugs me that the Prince of Darkness is so sexually conventional. He could presumably seduce anyone to achieve his means but so far he only seems to "need" to seduce conventionally attractive women. No men, no "character actors."

2) It kind of bugs me tha when people are asked about their deepest desires they come up with very career-oriented, superficial stuff. "I wanna win a Pulitzer!" ... eh.

3) I like the therapist angle

4) Loved the "Sinnerman" cover on this episode.
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It was wings all along!

Dude, (a) those do not look like they fit in a chest, (b) why didn't you just stash those at home?
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:22 PM on September 3, 2021

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