Welcome to Night Vale: 83 - One Normal Town
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The town of Desert Bluffs is no more. Plus, an update from Paul Birmingham, a look at traffic, and changes afoot at the Ralphs.
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Much like Pawnee and Eagleton, there's been a merger! Cecil is...not overjoyed! I guess those spells he cast on them for their ruin worked!
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Dat voice work.

When Cecil came back and said, "HERE'S WHAT", apropos of nothing and super agitated and aggressively, I felt it hardcore. He was really struggling with some new ideas there and I loved it.

I recently went to see "Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play", and the third act left me STAGGERED. I very nearly had a panic attack right there in the theatre. I feel like Cecil has poked exactly why I felt so panicky and upset:

When confronted with someone whose “normal” is not our “normal,” we are forced to confront the most frightening prospect of all: that there is no such thing as “normal.” Just the accidental cultural moment we happened to be born into, a cultural happenstance that never existed before, and will never exist again. Our idea of “normal” is a city built on sand. For instance, for us, our city is literally built on sand and this is our “normal.” We resist difference because it requires we acknowledge that the culture we grew up with as “normal” is just a momentary accident.

On another note, that dog sponsorship was both funny and slightly unsettling. I also loved the Weather.
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I am starting to feel like something is up with Mayor Diana Cardinal..

No obvious information about the Strangers, Maureen and her Army (and her Dog!), or the guy in the baseball cap.
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I loved the Weather, too. Find it at Kim Boekbinder - The Sky is Calling if you want to hear it again.
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I loved the Weather, too. Find it at Kim Boekbinder - The Sky is Calling if you want to hear it again.

Nightvale's been my falling-asleep podcast for a while now. Sometimes I forget to set my phone to sleep, and I'll wake up in the middle of the Weather.

This happened to me last night, and I woke up in the middle of this song, disoriented and enchanted at the same time.

Thanks for the link!

I was pretty sure that was hammer dulcimer in there, and this confirms it.
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