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August 17, 2014 6:43 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The full extent of Avon's hot shots plan is realized as the authorities look to shave years in exchange for easy answers. D'Angelo hears his cousin's music but refuses to dance. Burrell puts the hard sell on Daniels and keeps him around with the promise of a promotion, a permanent Detail AND the good police he needs to run it. McNulty continues to try to put a name on his 'floater,' and enlists Bubs in the search for Omar.

On the docks Nick and Ziggy's sideline smuggling plan went through without a hitch except everyone knows. Frank tells Nick to keep a low profile on the cash they came by, who tells Ziggy the same, who buys an expensive leather coat.

Daniels gets everyone back on the Detail, except McNulty whose only options are 'quit' and 'drown' per Rawls.

"If I hear music, I'm gonna dance." - Greggs
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It's funny really that this is the case that makes Daniels, all inspired by a petty feud over a window. In a way the window was a dead give away, and a sign that Sobotka isn't that good at crime: just like Ziggy spends his money on a coat, Sobotka spends his money on the window. Pride apparently being a sin shared by father and son.

Daniels is great here, in that he is doing proper police work, he is bringing his gang together, but he refuses to just accept those murders without evidence. For all that he wants to protect his people and do a proper job, he's still not an idiot.
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Oh my god but that scene with Kima and Daniels and their respective wives being angry over a nice dinner just slays me.
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