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The 12 Clans blockade Arkadia, demanding Pike. Kane and his few allies try to find a way out of the mess, while Raven and Jasper look for a way to get ALIE's chip-maker back from Pike. Nobody's plan goes exactly as expected.

For all the sturm and drang, we end in nearly the same position we started, except that Kane and Sinclair are behind bars with Lincoln, and Raven and Jasper -- and Bellamy and Monty -- have begun to realize that their current allies may be leading them somewhere they don't want to go.

On a personal note, I started yelling at Kane -- all that effort and conniving wasted, because he couldn't bring himself to run Bellamy over! But Raven was awesome, go Raven!
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Ugh, this episode was useless. Well, except for Raven and Jasper. Instead of Pike and Kane pontificating in banal generalities I wish we saw more of Monty struggling with this nonsense. I would love to see him and Miller and Bellamy arguing over all they have seen and suffered and done in the name of survival. All the stuff they've learned about the different grounder clans. And what exactly they think they are entitled to. Now that i have seen more of the actor playing Pike, i wish he wasn't the bad guy. Or at least I wish he could be a better written bad guy.
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I really wish they would add some more explanation on how Pike is thinking they can beat thousands of grounders. What is he telling people? It's just not obvious how he and the others following his line thinking are buying as even possible. They did have that talk about ammo supplies and what they were going to do because of it but what about after. They manage to kill a few hundred out of several thousand.

I dunno I've just been having a lot of trouble buying that so many people, enough to get him elected and follow his orders don't see his fight and only fight strategy as feasible and not completely nutso.
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I really wish they would add some more explanation on how Pike is thinking they can beat thousands of grounders.

That's my main problem with the whole Pike plotline. I mean, he could be delusional, but everyone else in Arkadia ? No way.
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I think what they're going for is if they make a big enough impact then the grounders won't attack anymore. But yeah it's not clear at all I have the same thought/issue with the ammo. They're clearly going to run out then like ... Do what? If you can't just create that technology from scratch then why waste it all on war instead of hunting or something.

This episode wasn't the best but I know that some of the plot needed to happen. I'm stoked for Raven though and excited to see where it goes.
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If you can't just create that technology from scratch then why waste it all on war instead of hunting or something.

They could make gunpowder and slugs relatively easily. If they aren't idiots, they are collecting shell casings for reuse.

I expect that making their own shell casings would be very difficult.

Making C4 for more claymores would probably be out of the question.
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I was shocked to hear Hannah say they only had food for six months, "More if we start rationing." They haven't been rationing? WTF. What the hell have they been doing? I'm sure they rationed on the Ark, why would they stop when they got to Earth and found themselves with no ready food supplies?
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I'm sure they rationed on the Ark, why would they stop when they got to Earth and found themselves with no ready food supplies?

They had copious food supplies (vegetables and fruit, anyway) from Mount Weather hydroponics until it all got explodified. And they were hunting for meat. Plus, they're unlikely to have much refrigeration.

I could have sworn they said they only had a week of rations, two if they started rationing.
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You aren't wrong, I don't think, I heard a week without rationing, given apparently they must be very dependent on hunting/foraging for supplies. They appear to be growing some crops, but not a lot (way to be a great addition Farm Station!).

I was kind of bummed when Raven took the happy pill, but it was completely worth it for her moment of realization that she'd lost everything connected to Finn. Jasper, I'm just baffled. He's asking all these perfect questions to essentially test the limits of the City of Light happy juice, almost as if he's purposefully trying to screw with Raven, but I don't think that was supposed to be how it came across - just Jasper asking questions. I will say, non-drunk Jasper is always the better Jasper.

Kane's inability to run down Bellamy is the big division between him and Pike. Pike is willing to kill one of their own, but Kane isn't. That apparently was the deciding factor for Bellamy, and I agree with pjsky, I would have enjoyed an episode more focused on Monty. I was suckered into loving the very end with the double layered conversation between Bellamy and Monty's mom.

I think Pike's intent was to kill enough Grounders to make them reconsider any further attacks, so essentially bluffing. We already know from a conversation between Indra and Lexa that the rifles of Arcadia are considered very problematic. Without knowledge of the limited supply, the Grounders could be convinced to back off.
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Where's Abby right now? She seem conspicuously absent.
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I realized this episode that I barely care what is going on with the sky people. I'd watch a show about the Grounders until I got bed sores, but after a few minutes of the Arkadians making stupid decisions and having inane conversations, I tend to drift away to other things.
I feel like they are making the same mistakes again and again.
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It's very much a draw upon Battlestar Galactica and the introduction of the Pegasus crew. They had experienced much worse things and so had a reviled opinion of the human form Cylons, and did many a terrible thing to them. They ultimately went kaput after a more militant leader came in and took over from the more common sense/wise leader and lead things down hill.

The destruction of Mount Weather is the real game changer, as arguably, possession of it could have allowed the SkiCru to really try and exist independently if they wanted to, which is what Pike desires, but without it, there's real leverage with the Grounders to destroy them.

Abby was conspicuously absent and it's kind of funny, because if you do a search on her missing, the question pops up in almost every review. It just doesn't make any sense other than the writers couldn't figure a way to shoe horn her into the conversation or if her presence caused other problems or if the actress had other engagements.
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I was really worried she'd snuck out or something and I forgot about it
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I assumed she wasn't around this week because she's not under contract for all 13 episodes. Happens all the time, but this one was pretty noticeable. Might also be a story thing though. She's going to be important in figuring out/fixing what's going on with the City of Light/AI stuff. If she'd been involved with Kane's plan, she'd probably be locked up too which would complicate things considerably.
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Nobody missed Clarke and her pain in this one, I see? Isn't this our first episode without her?

I finally dragged myself into watching this. I hated this episode mostly and was zoning out going "same old stupid war death sentences everyone's gonna get killed stop ruining Bellamy," except for Raven realizing that ALIE eliminates your memories and that isn't good, and ALIE in turn being all, "But they're supposed to obey me after I got consent!" I hope there's something Raven can do to get that thing out of her.
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I think this is the first one of this season without her. We completely skipped anything not happening inside Arkadia, which makes me think next episode will catch us up, along with the coronation or whatever they do for the next Commander (planting the chip in the kid's neck).

If you think about it, of all the people in Arkadia, Raven might be best suited to figuring a way to get the chip/thingy out or neutralize it...if ALIE doesn't override her.
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