The Wire: All Prologue
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Perhaps there's no better description for Omar Little than "a rare pleasure," though anyone on the wrong end of his double-barrel sawed-off court testimony might disagree. Having wrapped up the last Bird of business from before, McNulty drops the search for Jane Doe's real name, retires to the boat, and makes another go of his marriage. "I'm done fucking myself up," he declares, and downs a beer.

D'Angelo is also turning over a new leaf in prison, resolving himself to stand up and do his time. His mother and Avon chafe when he rebuff any assistance, and as usual Stringer Bell takes decisive (and divisve) action.

Ziggy finds new and destructive ways to handle money in the absolute most moronic way possible, taking cues from his father. On the other hand Nick shows his savvy setting Ziggy's affairs with Cheese straight via Prop Joe, and at the same time strikes a sweet deal with Vondas that ostensibly makes everyone happy.

Bunk joins forces with the detail, having been exiled from Downtown, and he brings along his 14 D.B.s much to Daniels' displeasure. The special unit's technical prowess grows again as they zero in on a pattern of smuggled cans coming off of the ships.

"It don't matter that some fool say he different..." - D'Angelo
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D'Angelo talking about the Great Gatsby is a little on the nose, but I love it, and its a great final bow for a character sadly murdered. Again, its easy to think of Stringer Bell as this guy whose trying to make the business less violent, but he is cold and utterly willing to have someone killed if he thinks theres a chance they'll turn on him.

Ah Bunk and his hangover. I do love the humour on this show, I just love Daniels barely tolerating Bunk as he tries to fight off the impact of his previous night.

Nick again shows how smart he is: its a shame he's stuck in a situation where there isn't enough work, so he tries to find profit in a far more dangerous profession.
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I started re-watching this show last Sunday for the first time since 2007 and am already finished (!) with season 2. It's way, way better even than I remembered and I'm glad metafilter made me finally get around to watching again.

The way Stringer takes over the business while Avon is in prison and willfully hides major decisions from him is something I did not remember. He comes off as pragmatic and businesslike in season 1, but the true ruthlessness of which he's capable doesn't really show until this season, and in particular this episode. I had forgotten that Avon wasn't involved in D'Angelo's murder at all. Stringer is the boss! I'm interested to see how the dynamic changes again once Avon gets out.

I also really do not understand how Omar is still alive. They're all scared of him, sure, but if it were real life I think someone would have found a way to take him out years ago.
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something something, the problem with getting Omar is actually discussed early in season 1, as Stringer and Avon try to figure out how to deal with him. You actually see it happening at some point, but in their discussion they explain that he's got entire neighborhoods watching out for him because occasionally he'll steal a package alongside the money, and give the drugs away for free. Basically, Omar has a surplus of Goodwill with everyone except the dealers he's ripping. Including the police! They're all still scared shitless of him, but he's straight on the game, and operates on a code, which is more than one could say for anyone running the Barksdale Org.
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The other thing that makes Omar so effective is that he's smart and knows how to use a gun. A looot of gangster simply don't. This is what makes people like Brother Muzne so effective: they are good at what they do. See the film City of God for a discussion of this (and you should see it, its a great film).Anyone can be taken down by a stray bullet of course, but Omar is smart and careful. Previous season he also did choose to leave town for a while because the heat was too much.

That all said, Omar is a bit of a mythic character in the Wire, the closest the show comes to it anyway. My favourite thing is his ability to pick up a drug robbing boyfriend with remarkable ease. Are these gay robbers really so plentiful? He also bumps into a pair of lesbian drug robbers!
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One thing I enjoyed on rewatch (just finished Season 2 again) was that Nick's basement bedroom is basically wallpapered in terrible 90's/early 2000s nu-metal bands. Never thought I'd seen Wayne Static's goofy hair again.
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I was surprised he had Guided by Voices up there! I thought Robert Pollard would be a little esoteric for a guy like that.
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D's murder breaks my heart every time.
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