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Here's an experiment: Dune comes up on not-FanFare now and then for one reason or another, so why not have a thread up here in our suspensor-levitated clubhouse for collating and kibitzing about that stuff when it comes along?

I'm thinking in particular of linking to stuff as it comes down the pipe, but gathering up some historical Dune discussions seems okay too.

One big implication is that since other parts of the site don't have any specific spoiler policies in place in general, all links in here and probably discussion itself should be regarded as potentially spoilery—reader beware!
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Of which, there was a post on the blue yesterday to a wonderful goofy Dune recap called A Shit History Of Dune, that plays out a bit like a Yahtzee Croshaw video game review except of the narrative of the book, which has led so far to a mix of appreciation for the video and arguments/Q&A about the plot of the book(s).
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I made a post on Leslie Blanch's The Sabres of Paradise , which had a strong influence on Dune
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The second trailer for the 2021 movie was just released.

First reaction: Huh, they're actually doing the ornithopters.

Unless the delta rates are too high then, I'm there for the the-ater. This really seems like it wants a screen better than 55" or whatever our tv is.
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Also, it looks like the first movie is going farther into the book than I'd thought. I'd expected it to end with the fight between Paul and Jamis, but there's stuff after that.

I'll put 10 quatloos on it ending with Paul taking the water of life.
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The power armour is a... choice?
What is going on with that do you think?
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