The Returned: Milan
March 15, 2016 1:24 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Strange things are happening

Let's start with Milan. We learn that he was behind the attack on Victor's family, that barmaid Lucy is scared of him, and that serial-killer Serge is intimidated by him.

Adèle is refusing to see or even name the baby she had with Simon. She only agrees to when he is on the brink of death - and then her touch brings him back to life.

Camille, Audrey, and newly returned Esteban flee from Claire's house, but are stopped from crossing the lake by other revenants . Claire attempts to follow them, but is beaten by more undead.

Léna fails to connect with her obsessive father Jérôme, and then meets up with Toni in the ruins of the Lake Pub. Pierre takes Toni to the Helping Hand.

Victor seems to be scared of his mother, who scolds him harshly for drawing. We learn that his father won't be returning, as he's still alive and in a coma.

Dam-inspector Berg discovers a large pit in the earth.

And the military discover the missing gendarmes, all murdered and strung from trees in the forest.
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I noticed in this episode Mme Costa uses vous for addressing Julie. So does Mme Lewanski but I could pass that off on their having very recently met. Shouldn't Mme Costa feel familiar enough to 'tutoi' by now?
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I'm starting to get worried that the writers might not know where they're going. I have the usual questions from Season 1, like who are the revenants and why are they back? and what's the deal with Victor? These are fine. They are part of the mystery.

But now I'm also wondering: How is it that the military, the dam inspectors, and the survivors haven't noticed a village full of zombies across the lake? Why can Julie and Simon go back and forth without being noticed? Are there even any reasons for why some revenants are locked in the house and others walk freely - or are the writers just making it up like they go along, a la Lost?
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In the first episode, when the new dam guy showed up, they made a point to give him binoculars to survey the damage and he didn't seem to pick anything out, which is when I started wondering why no one has noticed the revenants' section. To suspend my disbelief on this subject, I decided that the part of town where the revenants are is on somewhat of a different plane, so that even though they are geographically close, there is another dimension on which they are far apart.
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