The Returned: Morgane
March 18, 2016 8:54 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The danger mounts, and we learn a few answers.

Wikipedia: Camille tells Esteban that his parents have committed suicide, which leads him to run away. Camille finally tracks him down with the help of the mysterious boy that helped her, Audrey and Esteban last time, and he tells her the others don't want them to leave because they have no one waiting for them on the other side. Toni is held hostage by Pierre who wants the location of the other returned from him. Simon and Lucy welcome an increasing number of returned, and he and Chloé are plotting to finally steal the baby from Adèle. Milan instructs Serge to take Léna to the woods and kill her, and when Serge fails to do so he stabs her himself. Serge shoots his father and takes the injured Léna to Camille and Claire (as he originally promised). Victor tells Julie he doesn't need her but she needs him, and that she was pregnant when she was stabbed by Serge and subsequently lost her baby, after which Julie leaves. The bodies of all but one of the policemen fighting the returned on the night when they came looking for Camille, Victor and Mrs. Costa are found hanging on trees. Berg thinks he might have found the reason for the flood, while in a flashback it is revealed Lucy and Milan knew each other 35 years ago and Milan killed her to wash her from her sins.

Canal+: Depuis le retour de la mère de Victor, Julie se sent de trop : elle se résigne finalement à quitter le Domaine. Camille se rapproche de Virgil, un jeune Revenant mystérieux, ce qui n’est pas du goût de sa mère. Adèle commence à s’habituer à son bébé – elle ne se doute pas que Simon les observe en cachette. De son côté, Léna a enfin retrouvé Serge, mais celui-ci a été rejoint par un nouveau Revenant : son père, Milan, un individu aussi charismatique que dangereux...
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One thing that struck me about this episode was how the main actresses show just how damaged their characters were by their experiences, without trying to soften the edges. Clotilde Hesme (Adèle), Céline Sallette (Julie), and Anne Consigny (Claire) gave some truly raw and heartfelt performances.
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