Daredevil: .380
March 20, 2016 4:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The Punisher's war continues, and so does the body count in Hell's Kitchen. Murdock tries to finish what the DA started.

*Hospital ninja fight, Claire gets thrown out a window but saved by Daredevil. The hospital accepts a sizable donation to cover up the attack/murder/freaky ninja corpse; Claire quits in protest.
*Karen lies to the police about Frank saving her from the attack on her apartment, sneaks out of protective custody to help him continue the search for the Blacksmith, their stop at a diner ends in the slaughter of two of Blacksmith's guys.
*Daredevil gets a lead from Madame Gao, gets to the same pier Frank does. Confrontation and conflagration ensues.
*Elektra goes to see Stick about that foiled assassination attempt.
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God, all the main cast is gonna be unemployed by the end of this season, amirite? Except if Marcy hooks Foggy up with that new job. Btw, her bringing him a bear and booze and then chugging the booze herself? Classic Marcy!

Oh, that Daredevil, always screwing over Claire somehow.

Everyone else is being creepy. Whee.
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So, Claire explained to a pathologist what an autopsy scar is?
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I really do appreciate how they wove last season's villains through this season. I had assumed that they were going to be very distinct. This way S2 is a continuation and escalation of S1, which makes sense.
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Yeah, the return of Gao and Fisk is great and makes a lot of sense.

Kinda bummed that Electra plot lost its way a bit. Such a strong foil for DD, yet formidable in her own right and character.

Overall, I think I'm enjoying the Marvel Tv universe more than the movies. We get to spend a lot more time in the latter and see much more crossovers that feel a lot more natural.
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The scene with Claire and her union rep? Supervisor? In the hallway - is the first time I've seen someone with truly blue-black hair (Claire's). Like in a comic book.
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In which The Punisher gives relationship advice! (Before gutting a mobster with a coffee-pot.)

She may want to consider it's coming from someone who is trying to murder half of New York to either bring his family back to life or join them in death, so his perspective is at an uncomfortable remove from her day-to-day.
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