The Returned: Virgil
March 21, 2016 4:54 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A (relatively) action-packed episode resolves a few big mysteries, but opens the door to many more.

Wikipedia: Julie comes back home and decides to visit Victor/Louis' old house, where an elderly neighbor tells her that his father is in the hospital and that the main reason for the massacre in which Victor, his mother and his brother were killed is because people believed Victor was responsible for the breaking of the dam and that he was the devil himself. Meanwhile Jérôme and Berg also visit Victor/Louis' old house and find his drawings of the deaths of almost all of the returned. Lucy informs Simon she gave his baby to a couple that turns out to be Simon's birth parents, however, after he finds out that his parents died as part of a murder-suicide cult he decides to take the baby back to Adèle, while also letting Audrey go back to try and find her parents. Lucy finds Milan and after she forgives him she kills him and dumps his body in the lake, while Toni is finally saved by Serge. Léna recovers and reconnects with her mother while Camille meets a boy named Virgil, who lets her in on a secret about the returned.

Canal+: Jérôme et Berg ont mis leurs forces en commun pour faire avancer leurs recherches : ils décident de se rendre dans le hameau où la famille de Victor a été assassinée. Comme promis, Serge a conduit Léna au Domaine, où elle retrouve sa sœur et sa mère. Mais Léna découvre que la relation entre Camille et Claire s’est dégradée. Suite à la disparition de son bébé, Adèle est suspectée par la police. De son côté, Julie se met à la recherche du père de Victor, qui serait toujours en vie.
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This is the first episode where I noticed that the Revenants were calling their refuge the Domaine, as if it were the proper name of the place. I don't think this came across with the subtitles.
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