Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh's Sister is Getting Married!
March 28, 2016 8:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 16 - Subscribe

It's time to break out of old patterns for Rebecca and Greg. Rebecca accidently becomes a bridesmaid with Valencia. Greg helps out a grocery store worker with an afro.

Rebecca has a surprisingly low-key confession about her feelings to Josh and makes the declaration that she is going to change all her patterns. And she wants to start with the overly ambitious goal of mending fences with Valencia.

Greg steps into a grocery store that is bizarro Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and has to help bizarro-Greg. In the process he learns to stop chasing after someone who's not reciprocating. We also learn he's progressing with his college classes kind of.

Rebecca has apparently been weaseling her way into Josh's family in the background this whole time as well, which works too well as they pull her into a wedding. She spins the opportunity to actually try to be friends with Valencia, which mostly works until Paula blows it all up.

Rebecca takes that 'getting out of old patterns' seriously and seems to move on from Josh, and goes after Greg.


* I've liked these last two episodes in that they were everything that I have wanted Rebecca to do to escape her mania and stop lying. I hope they don't go back now, because I really don't like character development that is forgotten in five episodes, but they have kind of blown up their original premise now. I wasn't really expecting that until another season, and more of a slow drift, but if the writers want to go for it, more power to them.

* Where's Heather? Not enough Heather plots. She's in the intro song you guys.

* Urban Dictionary thinks that the Harvard of the South is Vanderbilt, Furman University, Wofford College, University of Mississippi, University of Georgia, Rice, Southern Methodist University, Hampden-Sydney College, and Homestead Senior High School. I'm pretty sure that last one is a joke.

* "I've been practicing my humor. I watched an online tutorial."
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Bloom has been up-front in interviews that their pitch for the show always hinged on Rebecca realizing that her fixation on Josh was unhealth and moving past it; I'm not surprised they went for it in the first season seeing as when they wrote these episodes prospects for renewal had to look pretty dim.
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Oh yeah, I had assumed that that was "the plan" I just thought the writers would take their sweet time getting there. If Rebecca has really turned a new leaf (which I think she has at least in regards to her Josh crush) then there's no fallback "Rebecca makes up an outrageous plan to get next to Josh" plot, which is freeing and awesome on the one hand, because they could go anywhere now, but I've also seen shows fall apart when their original premise is exhausted.
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Well, there's only two more episodes in the season. I guess they could have plotted it out both ways and branched into a more open-ended arc depending on if they got picked up for season 2 or not, but that's a logistical nightmare.
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I always assumed planning all TV shows are logistical nightmares.
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we do need more Heather. I'm really glad Rebecca is moving on from Josh - he's a snooze.
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I'm starting to dislike how obviously they swing Greg from "Oh, Rebecca and Greg should be together!" actual decent functioning human being whenever he or Rebecca are somehow entangled with someone else, and then as soon as they're both available-ish, he becomes a loser dickhead, even if he doesn't know that they're both available-ish.
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he's pretty much always a loser dickhead though, isn't he?
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I feel like it's much less on the surface when he's the poor, pining, better-for-Rebecca, obviously-settling-for-Heather alternative than when he's the available primary choice, though. Could just be me, and it could be colored by how much effort they spent on his loser dickheadishness in this particular ep.
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Okay, finally got around to watch this. Good for Rebecca in this one. Good for her.

Also, hah, relating to the boobs song.
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