Happy Valley: You're barely scraping by in this troubled town
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Happy Valley's second season is a six episode series where the Calder Valley police force is tracking a serial with the detectives getting many assists from Cawood and the new police officer on the force. Personal life and crime collide once again for Cawood as she continues to deal with the fallout from season one.
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tracking a serial killer, I meant.
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After about ten episodes of this, I can finally understand Catherine's grandson when he talks.
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I've just finished the sixth and final episode. I love this show. It's amazing. I love the characters, from the good ones like Anne and most of the detectives to the bad ones like John and the misguided ones like Frances. Most of all, I love Catherine Cawood. I think she may be my favourite detective ever.

The sixth episode was the best. Perfect pace, great revelations, and it avoided being overly dramatic.
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Well, I just tore right through this, one season per night, boom-boom.
I completely loved it, I would happily watch Catherine sit at the table drinking tea and recounting her day (with the flashbacks) for Clare. I think they managed to tie in the previous series nicely and have set up for the third in an interesting way. In some ways it would be best if they waited a year or two and then jump in where Ryan is 13 and has been in contact with Tommy secretly for years... But I kinda want to have the day-to-day instead and see what happens with Ann the atute little DI-wannabe. For all of Catherines great and not so great qualities the one that really pops out for me is that she has a genuine compassion, and I really can't put my finger on a similar character. Perhaps Scully, but this has a more street-level feel, you realise that people would and will pick up the phone and drunk-dial her at 3am to be told it's going to be ok.
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Fantastic second season, especially the avoidance of expected cliches for various plot resolutions. I'm an Anglophile from the US and watch a lot of British TV but I turned on the subtitles for this series and don't regret it.
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