Broad City: B&B-NYC
March 31, 2016 9:34 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Abbi and Ilana list their apartments on B&B-NYC to make some extra money.
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I totally don't agree with the A.V. Club review, the Blake Griffin sex-scene had me in stitches.
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I liked the Blake Griffin stuff and (not knowing much of anything about sports), I admired how much he committed to the whole thing. I don't disagree with the A.V. Club that it filler but it was still playful and fun.

The Trey development felt natural and ... I dunno. While he's been somewhat of an obvious character, his willingness to come through for Abbi felt absolutely sweet and genuine and like something he'd do. And I like how the show let us see him through Abbi's eyes for that moment.

I totally get why she wouldn't tell Ilana and I wonder what that's going to mean. I do think this season is about them ... maybe not so much drifting apart, because that seems like a really serious thing for this show, but it's highlighting the differences more and more between them, and the disconnect.

I haven't quite dug this season as much as the previous two but I think it's going to hold up a lot more on rewatch.
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I was watching them pitching a tent on top of a building and thinking "isn't it dangerous to put a tent on top of a building without anchoring it?"
Turns out, it is.

And yes, Blake Griffin was totally into the scenes. It's filler, but it's not like it wasn't completely in tune with the show, and had the payoff of Linc using his shoe as a manbag.
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I was 100% into this episode.

I'm pretty sure that the 30 seconds of Bevers was all of the Bevers that we've had this season, which is exactly as much Bevers as I can stand.

I know that Trey is supposed to be kind of the worst, but I've always really loved the guy. He's clueless and has terrible taste, but he's always enthusiastic and supportive.

Also, as someone taller than 6'5", I appreciate being informed that I'm still on the sexual passport.
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It's fun that Blake Griffin is playing basketball and shooting a Broad City episode, biding his time until he marries me.
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