Black Sails: Season 3
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War with England has finally come to Nassau.
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Based on the finale, I just want Jack and Blackbeard to bounce off of each other forever.

I'm also into how Billy is building the legend of John.
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I knew that after they rescued Flint from nearly being executed, they couldn't really go to that well again to pull off an improbable rescue of Vane, but...somehow I was still damned surprised when he died. So many tv shows, though, characters die because they're being stupid; I liked that they had a reasonable plan to attempt to delay the execution and then work on rescuing him, but Eleanor figured out a way to outmaneuver it. Give us less Idiot Ball, more smart people outsmarting each other, I wish other shows would learn that lesson from this one.

They're foreshadowing pretty heavily that next season will be Flint vs. Silver...are they planning for it to be the last season?

My only complaint about this season: not enough Anne Bonny. Especially, not enough Anne Bonny murdering people, though the last episode made up for it a bit.
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I like this series, but I want more sea battles, dammit.
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Amazing how much of the power this season was held in the hands of women. (And bi ones that didn't die, at that.)
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Yeah, watching Elanor come back into her power was fantastic. She wasn't even pretending to be running everything by the sick dude by the end there. If he had died that wouldn't have held up for much longer through, so I'm glad he's recovering.
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I've really admired the writing of Silver's maturation through these three seasons.

Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard was inspired. Holy hells Toby Stephens.

I really really hope Stephens doesn't follow the lower parts of Stevenson's career trajectory after the later's inspired role as Titus Pullo (The Punisher in a 00s movie with a 90's ethos rampant with -ism and a 80's Warren Beatty Dick Tracy/The Mask look; then as a gay Ukrainian organized crime boss with limited screen time in a show highlighting the life of a serial killer - before this very deserved and well executed role as an ok written Blackbeard).
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