Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: Episode 184: Snorting the Hand of Vecna
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We start with Ask Ken and Robin, as Patreon supporter Ross Ireland asks us to tell our best crazy game stories.

Then it’s off to the History Hut to consider the troubled Presidency of a guy who really couldn’t get a Supreme Court nominee approved, John Tyler.

In our inaugural edition of Tell Me More, three items from Ken and Robin Consume Media, as approved by our patrons over on the Patreon, get expanded treatment: The Secret History of Wonder Woman, the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, and Deadpool.

Finally current events have again conspired to provide us with one of those fabled Nerdtropes in the News. What strangeness links the International Order of St Hubertus with the Marfa Lights?
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The "crazy" stories really went over the top with the bit about the Spear of Destiny and the Crown of Thorns. Wow! That is Unknown Armies, folks.

History Hut went really well this time. John Tyler turns out to be an interesting figure, down to the controversy about President versus Vice President.

In Tell Me More, I was totally wrapped up in the material about Wonder Woman - including why the early art looked different, and of course the juicy bits about William Moulton Marston, a hell of a character in his own right. They liked Deadpool but didn't really get much grist out of it.

And then to transform the death of Antonin Scalia into a fascinating occult / conspiracy mashup was simply inspired. This is what makes Ken Hite the figure he is and why we listen to him despite his personal political leanings. I loved the avenues and connections they managed to draw here, it's on par with the best Suppressed Transmission articles.

A great episode, I want to give the last segment a second listen and take copious notes.
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I don't listen to the show anymore but it always depresses me when John Tyler is cited as the quintessential obscure president no one knows anything about. First person (out of four total) to hold all four offices in US federal politics! First person to become president without being elected to the office! Only president whose death went unmarked in Washington! Two grandsons still alive today! What is not to like about this guy?
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Definitely the best episode for a while. I particularly enjoyed the first segment. Reminded me how important it is, as a GM, to enjoy and encourage the players as creators. It's easy to feel pressure to entertain when GMing, and not let things get too out of control for fear of leaving the players lost, confused and bored. However, letting the burden of making sense of things rest as much on them as on myself is actually mostly going to yield more exciting results.

So much of it comes down to player chemistry, of course. My favourite group to GM for had mostly been friends since childhood, and their ability to come up with collaborative madness and foolishness was a pure joy to observe.
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