Letterkenny: Season One
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Streaming on CraveTV (Canadian on demand video service), Letterkenny is a small show about a small town in rural Ontario (here is a taste). It is based on a web series Letterkenny Problems, available on YouTube.

John Doyle, The Globe and Mail: The gist of the humour is difficult to describe. It’s long-winded, insulting talk. Keeso has referred to it as “chirping,” by which he means guys riffing on absurd subjects, making outrageous analogies and similes and, in general being either a) really dumb or b) deeply insulting.

Debra Yeo, Toronto Star: The dialogue moves so fast it almost gives you whiplash. It’s also absurd (a didgeridoo solo at a church group meeting anyone?), crude (seriously, don’t watch if you can’t handle f-bombs) and it made me laugh out loud.
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Doing my bit to get our CanCon up. Not sure if this is available anywhere outside of Canada yet, but I'd suggest looking into it if the sample piques your interest at all.

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes not so much, but always pretty fucking crude.

It was recently renewed for a second season.
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I've seen all the clips of the Letterkenny Problems series and they've been great (to tease my Canadian friend with.) Looking forward to seeing a whole show.
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Wow I really enjoyed the "cold open." When can I see more?
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Kinda like Trailer Park Boys if it was done by Kevin Smith and took place in rural Ontario.
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Also the main guy is basically Chris Neil
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I was getting pretty tired of the Squirrely Dan "that's what I appreciates about you" gag but the payoff in the last episode was good.

The Super Soft Birthday is probably my favorite episode. I'll also never get tired of how stiff Wayne is, getting up to shake hands, keeping his thumbs in his pockets for the tough guy approach to fights.
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Oh man. I basically grew up in Letterkenny. This hits a little close to home. We all wish we were Wayne, but deep down we know we're all Daryl. The best among us can come to embrace that.
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Like 256, I actually grew up pretty near this stuff, though more on the "city" end on the western suburbs of Ottawa. THat said the local bars had guys with accents like these and after enough beers I'm pretty sure mine gets near it depending on who I'm out with. The show is weirdly accurate about some things, but most is turned up to 11 for effect as you might expect
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Apparently the first two seasons are up on Hulu, if you're American and would like to (finally) watch this.
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So many moments. I'm only 5 eps in right now, but my favorite moment currently is the two hockey bros doing tongue twister warm ups for the smear campaign video.

I do think the soft birthday is my favorite episode because it really had a lot of emotional depth. Finding out why the birthday is so important and that's basically a community event including the dude who just got beat up is pretty sweet. And the bent unicorn horn is pretty priceless. I definitely want a soft birthday this year.
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Hopefully my posting etiquette is ok - this is kind of an old thread...

I stumbled onto Letterkenny on Hulu and it had the first two seasons available. My understanding is seasons three and four are about to drop December 27, 2018 (or thereabouts, if I caught it correctly). Just an FYI for the interested.

Hollywood Reporter - Hulu to stream four more seasons of Letterkenny

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Wow, I just completed season 1, and this is that rare show that has a little bit of everything: funny, tragic, stoopid (OMG i can't get the term "celebrate the biscuit" out of my head)... I want to liken it to Trailer Park Boys, and seriously thought for a second of travelling to NYC tomorrow to see them perform live...

...but what I am trying to say is that this is really well cast, with some solid production, writing, and balance to back it up, and I can't wait to keep watching the next four seasons I've pirated.

Now pitter patter...
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How does this thread only have 12 comments?!

(13 now I guess)
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We’re mid-season 2. It’s trally enjoyable, but requires looking past the intense bro energy of the entire universe. Seriously, the only show I can think of with a more skewed male-female character ratio is MASH. The Gail character disturbs me and I don’t quite get what that’s supposed to be about. But the language is fantastic (our house has already adopted several of the sayings) and the general revival of rural humor is great.
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Miko: keep going. To be faaaaaair, there are more catchphrases, more characters, more everything. I watched all six seasons and the specials over the course of the summer, and it's become one of my favorite dumb/smart shows. It kept getting better season to season.

> Kinda like Trailer Park Boys if it was done by Kevin Smith and took place in rural Ontario.

I liken it to TPB if it was done by the Bartles & Jaymes Wine Cooler characters.
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I am so sad we only have this one thin Letterkenny thread. So much I wish to discuss after tonight’s season 7 binge and cliffhanger.
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So you're on MetaFilter readin' about someone's wishing people would just take their fingers out of their asses and start talkin' again... for chrissake... get 'er a Puppers...

You should totally start a season 7 thread. I haven't watched a second of Season 7 yet—but I will.
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8 seasons available in Australia now on SBS - they're showing a few a week on TV but the streaming service has all of them right now.
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i am tehhunding my way through these threads
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This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

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I just watched the first three episodes. It was ok.
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