Join or Die with Craig Ferguson: The Drug That Changed The World
April 8, 2016 11:59 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Did Craig enjoyed the drugs? Sometimes he did, other times he was attacked by killer ducks with the guy that went on to play Dr. Who. Now he talks about them with historian David Eisenbach, Drunk History host Derek Waters and actress Maria Bello. Up to discussion: Alcohol, Cocaine, LSD, PEDs, Marijuana and Caffeine.
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You can tell Craig could spend hours talking about drugs.

Also, Tobacco and Opium/Opioids should totally be in instead of PEDs. High quality PEDs changed sport, but like booze, also have been around since early professional competition - the ancient Greeks and Roman gladiators experimented with anything that they thought it would give them an edge or overcome fatigue.
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I could have done without the "Ooooh, you're against drugs, so put down the Twinkies, Fatso" stuff.
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I have to take some umbrage with pretty much every decision that was made in this episode. First, it was pretty damned cavalier to get rid of caffeine in the first round, what with how the coffee and tea trades (other than slavery) almost defined mercantilism and the subjugation of the tropics and Asia. Not to mention the social and productivity gains that were the result. Getting rid of alcohol in the second round "because it was always there" is ridiculous just for how alcohol has defined almost all of humanity's social experience (not to mention that mercantilism thing again).

And to land on cocaine and marijuana? I'd say neither of these drugs actually changed the world at all. Hell, even LSD gave us some good music. Cocaine gave us the 70s and marijuana gave us jam bands.
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I find that the less you actually think about the mechanics of the "game", the easier it is to enjoy the show. They should really rethink this whole thing and drop that part of it.
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I still think Craig wanted to do a show where he talked about crap for half an hour with people he liked, but the channel executives thought it had to have some sort of hook.

Like his audience wouldn't watch him read the phonebook.
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