The 100: Nevermore
April 15, 2016 8:23 PM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Clarke and her friends try to save Raven from Allie's control. However, they realize that they will have to undergo dangerous procedures that may cost Raven's life.

I'm not even don't watching yet, but i had to pause and make this post because HOOOLY SHIIIT! Poor Monty! That was so intense! Although I wonder if he couldn't just shoot her in the arm so she loses her strength to push on Octavia. But I guess you don't have time to think like that. Also, I know she wasn't trying to kill Monty's mom, but I thought Octavia was supposed to be a better fighter than that!
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So, this was a kick. The 100 began its run as something of a horror show, back when the Grounders were just a mysterious force out in the woods, and now it has come full circle. I approve completely.

Some disorganized ramblings:
* I was shocked to learn that the Clarke's Grounder friend/fling/shopkeep was Agent Bozzio on iZombie. She's very good. I am so glad they told her to run. I wish they'd told her more, but I guess they're not actually all that clear on it themselves.

* Raven's performance was absolutely chilling here. I loved how she went after everybody, no holds barred, every weakness and fear exploited. Her single-minded, suicidal determination was fantastic. Loved her biting Clarke and blood dripping down her chin. Also, they really did have me going: I wasn't sure that she would be rescued completely intact. That was some nice work, a reminder of how much fun this show is when it's firing on all cylinders.

* Poor Monte, but this is better. His mom didn't really treat him any better when she was a free agent.

* Jasper was great. This subplot has been good for showcasing him, too.

* I wonder what mechanism ALIE 2.0 has to defeat ALIE Classic. I also wonder how many of those chips ALIE has stashed away, and if she can make more.

It's late, so I'll be back to ramble about this more after someone else takes a turn.
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Lindsey Morgan for MVP, seriously. She's really good at imitating Allie's performance, and switching on a dime from robotic to batshit to calmly playing on everyone's fears. Fantastic.

Did I miss something or did they leave her alone with only one hand tied? That should have been game over for them.

I feel for Monte, but like you said, his mom betrayed him to Pike when she had a choice in the matter. She was never anything but awful.

The whole "where can we find an electro-magnet" thing. They're not hard to make? You need a bunch of wire and a chunk of iron. Grounders don't have electricity, so wire isn't something they're likely to trade in, but I bet you could scrounge up something. And if you're using an external magnet and an external power source, what exactly did you need the bracelet for? Programmatic control and shaping of the pulse maybe, but that could have been any computer, not just the bracelets.

Upon rewatching the scene where Sinclair lays out the plan, the implication seems to be that the bracelet can take the magnetic pulse from the external magnet and redirect it into her nervous system? I guess I can live with that. They do need to reverse the polarity after all.
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I actually found this episode a bit static after the last few weeks, and kind of claustrophobic. It was mostly just the kids & Sinclair (except for a few brief bits with Jaha and ALIE), and mostly it was characters bitching each other out. Which, yeah, were valid, but after a while it got a bit old and I wanted more to happen. Like, what's going on in Polis? Why was only Raven able to resist ALIE?

I also think that Octavia should have been able to take down Hannah, although she was hampered by trying not to kill Hannah.

I did like that Clarke apologized to Jasper, and that Jasper wouldn't forgive her, because he wouldn't. And that Bellamy is (OMG SO SLOWLY) beginning to realize what a tool he's been.
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Going off that horror movie line, I gotta believe the Raven scenes were a direct nod to the Exorcism genre - which in effect they were all trying to do, exorcise ALIE from Raven. Toss in the horrible body manipulations and the cold 'evil' like verbal manipulations and it's getting pretty spot on.

Monty, poor Monty. I got to believe he's now in the top five for 'worse things any member of the 100 has had to do' on the show. Get ready for a "But your mom is still alive in the City of Light, Monty....join her!"
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Hmmmm . . . where could they find a big battery for a cobbled together electro magnet?
Maybe in their big electric car . . .

And when Monty's mom's gambit failed Allie didn't have backup hiding in the woods?
That seemed a bit short sighted for a genius AI.

And if you really want to get at people in this world where everybody seems to be killing people all of the time, you mention what bastards they are for killing so many people . . .
For every person mocked for being genocidal monsters (Bellamy, Clarke) I don't think anyone else is really all that much better. I could see trying to shame someone for killing specific people (Jasper's jabs worked so much better for me) but the "Do you see their faces? All the people you've killed." just seems to be something someone from a modern, non-war-torn society would say.

Then the end. They're in a hurry because the pod people are coming, but they don't cram into the car and drive away in 30 seconds. Nope, they sit around talk and reveal things and have feelings. I kept wanting them to be more realistic and gtfo.

All those little complaints aside, I love when they aren't in the Ark. More grounder time and I am happy. This was about halfway there.
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My impression with Monty was that he did shoot his mom in the arm to stop her from hurting Octavia, but she was pod-peopled and it didn't stop her so he had to put her down.

What I found weird was that he later got upset that he killed her because now they might know how to remove the chips. But he was at the drop ship so they could acquire the means to do just that. But as of the end of the show, they don't have a tried, repeatable method which makes his lashing out seem odd to me.
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Much as I haaaaaaaaaate Lexa's random accidental bullet chump death (seriously, couldn't she have gone out in battle if she had to go?), I will admit that this AI-in-the-head plot just got good.

But that said, ALIE posessing Raven and how everyone walks into the room one at a time and she insults them or angers them or makes them cry or whatever reminded me of every time they did that with Angelus on Angel. It brought out my old urge to go, "For fuck's sake, you know that's not your friend talking, that's an enemy trying to set you off, DON'T LET HER SET YOU OFF AND GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS."
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