Welcome to Night Vale: 86 - Standing and Breathing
April 18, 2016 5:02 AM - Subscribe

They are not from here.

The voice of Melony Pennington was Molly Quinn.
Weather: "Well-dressed" by Hop Along (hopalongtheband.com)
Music: Disparition (disparition.info)
Logo: Rob Wilson (robwilsonwork.com)
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I can't really stress how much I disliked this Weather. Dang. Although the name of the band did make me smile and remember hopcore from the April Monologues.

Kind of a chill episode. I really like that the sheriff is named Sam. That is a really good name.
posted by chainsofreedom at 4:39 PM on April 18, 2016

I wish they hadn't spelled out so many things at the end. They could have left it to the listener to remember Maureen, the boy, and dog when Cecil described the witness account at the dog park, for example.
posted by CMcG at 4:08 AM on April 20, 2016

Yeah, the Weather pretty much ruined the episode for me.
posted by minsies at 6:06 AM on April 21, 2016

I did like the Cecil/Melony duet though.
posted by The Ardship of Cambry at 1:49 PM on April 21, 2016

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