Terriers: Change Partners   Rewatch 
April 18, 2016 6:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Hank takes an infidelity case to secure a house loan, but it gets weird. And then weirder. In the meantime, Brett meets up with an old partner in crime, who remembers a secret that Kate doesn't know about.
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"I was a microwave oven"

This is one of the earlier episodes to really show the main character's flaws. Hank is going above and beyond being horrible and manipulative here, and Britt not only admits that he loves stealing from others, you can see how he's still on a high after faking the armed robbery on the bar.
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* No-drama Katie doesn't care about Britt's past. I always like when TV characters don't keep secrets from each other, because it's always tempting to go maximum drama with secrets. (Although, obviously the writers have one last secret in the hole with Britt.) Also no-drama Katie has no bones about directing Britt for sexy times.

* It seems a little sloppy for Hank to use Britt as the affair actor. But maybe he's just cheap.

* Bank manager needs to get a partner who's into cuckolding play. That stuff (like all types of sex really) has to be much more fun when the other person is actually into it.

* I forgot about the signature forging and Hank messing with his ex-wife's fiance for no reason. This is probably one of his worst episodes.
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