The Path: The Hole
April 21, 2016 8:35 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Cal deals with the fall out of Sarah's decision, Mary is conflicted, and Abe deals with his daughter.

Cal finds out that Sarah has sent Mr. Ridge's son to Lima with violent results. Eddie and Sarah find out Hawk has been dating an IS-which also leads to the revelation that Sarah "lost" her sister Tessa because she left Meyerism. Abe finds out his daughter is seriously ill. Eddie has a vision of Sarah and Cal. Mary consummates her relationship with Shaun, but then almost leaves.
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Alright well I'll share my thoughts. Eddie's response to Abe's daughter is really intriguing. Eddie doesn't immediately pounce on Abe's vulnerability regarding his daughter, but instead has a really genuine response to his pain. Juxtapose this against Shaun's take on the outer world when trying to keep Mary. His argument is "Out there bad, in here good." Both are dealing with people in extremely vulnerable positions, but Shaun's is more simplistic and manipulative.

One thing that made me wonder was if Abe really IS susceptible to Meyerism and will turn inside man for them. He's seen Mary's transformation and now Eddie has actually been genuinely supportive instead of preying upon him. The more he deals with them on a personal level, the more difficult it will be for him to remain objective.
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This also made me wonder if Eddie will actually be the new front runner for the Path in the end. He doesn't have Cal's smoothness, but also doesn't have his ambition and manipulative nature. Sarah's too....enmeshed to be able to really bring people in. Eddie was an IS and now is on the Ladder, but also has doubts. He has a bit more understanding of Hawk because of it.

I do think Sarah's response and the family's will actually push Hawk into leaving Meyerism. Hawk's question about is his girlfriend bad is valid. They taught him a rather simplistic idea about the IS, but now he's beginning to see the reality. I'm honestly surprised people within the cult don't homeschool in order to minimize exposure to the IS.
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One thing that made me wonder was if Abe really IS susceptible to Meyerism and will turn inside man for them.

It definitely seems like they're heading that way. I guess I just don't quite buy Abe's supposed personal crisis. That diner scene should have read either like Abe using his actual painful personal issues as a sneaky way of manipulating Eddie into revealing something, or like a rare moment where he found himself reaching out to a relative stranger just because he needed to. But instead, to me, it just felt like a normal conversation with a friend of his.

Man, I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around how I feel about this show! I mostly like it, and yet almost everything about it is just a quarter-turn off from where I'd like it to be. I keep wanting actors to tone it slightly down or slightly up, or wanting the (generally good) music to be just a little less intrusive, or wanting scenes to last for either more or less time than they do. Parts seem to drag and then other parts seem to skip by too quickly for their impact to really land. A prime example might be the ending sequence of this episode, where it's cutting between all the different scenes. In many ways I liked it a lot, and it's the type of weird non-linear thing I want more TV shows to do... buuuut I felt like each scene ran just a tiny smidge too long.

I still like it enough that I'll definitely keep watching. I'm just perplexed by why I'm so perplexed, I guess!
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Other stuff:

Cal is still by far my favorite part of the show, and I'm at least PRETTY sure it's not just because of my residual Hannibal feelings - Hugh Dancy really is doing an excellent job with the character.

I hope Mary manages to seize hold of some agency at some point this season, because yikes. I kind of loved that scene with Shaun, though, and how much it contrasts with the way he told that story the first time we heard it. The first time, he sounded as if he'd really begun to heal and move forward, but this time, it becomes clear that he's absolutely terrified and hasn't really moved on as much as he would like to have.

I can't wait to see where Kyle Allen's career goes after this, because Hawk continues to be great. However I kinda want to see more of him trying to recruit his girlfriend, because that seems like the thing a teenager in his situation would logically attempt to do.
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Oh, also: I still have no idea how much of Meyerism Eddie currently believes. I'm not sure if that's a deliberate choice on the part of the show or not.
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I think it began as Abe using his personal issues to manipulate Eddie, but Eddie's response caught him off guard just like Mary's revelation did. And don't forget it was Mary's speech that prompted him to get his daughter checked out. He didn't mention that to Eddie, but at the moment his investigations into Meyerism seem to be showing a community that really is genuinely helpful and supportive. The only thing that indicates anything else are the trips to Lima. I'm pretty sure that rich dude is going to get involved in the investigation because if the feds become aware of how Meyerism is using "the medicine" I think there is going to be serious trouble.
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I'm pretty sure that rich dude is going to get involved in the investigation because if the feds become aware of how Meyerism is using "the medicine" I think there is going to be serious trouble.

Apparently the legal status of ayahuasca isn't as cut and dried as I thought. They might or might not wind up in trouble for that.

I'm curious about where Rich Dude's story is going to go, assuming that his kid does indeed wind up cured/saved by his trip to Peru. He'll either have a change of heart or massively double down, but at this point I can't say I know which.
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I'd go with double down. Remember he was the one who was against the treatment to begin with. I doubt this (given his reaction to Cal) will soften him. He'll try and deflect having to deal with his own shit by making Meyerism the villain.
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Hmm... in that case, I can imagine a situation where Meyerism suddenly finds itself with a bunch more publicity in both directions, because if Rich Guy starts kicking up a fuss, I don't think Rich Lady would take it lying down. And certainly FBI Guy will cross paths (ho ho) with both of them at some point...
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