Archer: Motherless Child
April 22, 2016 2:02 AM - Season 7, Episode 4 - Subscribe

An important member of the team is kidnapped and all leads point towards the infamous disc. Meanwhile Krieger is up to no good and Lana gets a new pet.
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Uh... I'm not sure if that synopsis is for this episode.

That said, it was the best episode in a while. From Barry making an appearance looking like a Terminator, Creepy Spice and Mallory reminding everyone she used to be a field agent.

Also, what are the odds the body floating in the pool is someone with Archers' mask? Maybe Ray. He'll live, but be crippled again.
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For me:

- Lana's tender use of phrasing to comfort Archer. (She's been doing this sort of thing a lot this season.)
- A good reminder that Mallory is more than capable in her own right.
- I'd forgotten about Framboise! Which makes Ivy's secretary named Cerise from the last episode even more wonderful. It's only a matter of time before someone ends up with a secretary named PĂȘche, or, like, Bonbon.
- I actually LOL'd when they did the reveal of Barry wearing Cyril's face. That was a thing of beauty.
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I kind of groaned when Barry first showed up - he's usually been one of the more tedious elements of the show for me. I still think the grain elevator episode should have been the end of his story, they'd done about all they could with the character. I don't really feel much different about that after finishing the episode, but it was still pretty great for the stuff that went on around the central storyline. And yay Mallory! I enjoy the regular reminders that she's no slouch at the game, and I tremendously enjoyed her reaction to the message on the wall.
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Yeah, I grabbed the synopsis from IMDB, and didn't really read it.
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Uh... I'm not sure if that synopsis is for this episode.
> Yeah, I grabbed the synopsis from IMDB, and didn't really read it.

That was a missed perfect opportunity for You're not my supervisor if I ever saw one.
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Great Mallory episode! Endearing how escaping from that situation is so old hat, that she has a SOP for it.

Was that gold plated AK-47 a reference to something, or did Barry just like Bling?
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The only thing I love more than Barry is Other Barry.
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Once a year Barry is the perfect amount.
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In the first five minutes I really thought they were going to do the "Sterling and Barry are secretly half-brothers" thing. So glad they didn't, but it would have been hilarious all the same.
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