Gracepoint vs Broadchurch
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I watched and really enjoyed Broadchurch. I intend to watch Gracepoint because I'll watch anything with Tennant. How can this be discussed in Fanfare?

They claim to be changing the plot, and I believe they're also adding characters, but I think it would be interesting to be able to compare the two, at least on an episode-by-episode level. Is there any way to do this with the books/show only options? Am I the only person who would even want this to be done?
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I've seen Broadchurch and will watch the remake. I would be completely fine with discussing them together in the same thread. Maybe, as an experiment say, we could try not caring about spoilers and enjoying a show on its merits.
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I would have been pretty pissed if someone had spoiled Broadchurch for me, even though I think the actual mystery was by far the weakest part of the show. Also, and I am very proud of this, I guessed who did it in the first episode.
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In theory, anything could be discussed in a show discussion thread, as long as there is some forewarning in the post and group consensus. I think that a discussion of Gracepoint only would be flagged as "Show Only," like this post on a recent Big Brother episode. For discussions with Broadchurch, you could flag episodes "With Books" like this Sailor Moon (re)watch, even though that referred to the larger Sailor Moon universe, not particular books. royalsong prefaced the discussion by stating everyone knew something about the main characters, so if you didn't, at least you were warned.
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I would totally be into this, because I fear that at some point I will cringe too hard to continue but for the promise of discussing it on Fanfare. I hope, though, for Gracepoint's sake, that it won't be straight comparison between the two versions, but regardless I am really looking forward to watching and discussing it.
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Ok, when it comes to it, I will do a show only/show plus books and make it clear in the discussion that books means including Broadchurch.

Yeah, I assume we won't be comparing Gracepoint note for note. I've been rewatching Broadchurch though, and I hold to my belief that the mystery aspect of it was terrible.
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This is the first I'm hearing about Gracepoint, so thank you. I liked Broadchurch but I can't remember whodunnit. There may also be some interest by people who never saw Broadchurch and don't want to be spoiled. Perhaps post it under Broadchurch as a re-watch and then name the thread something like Broadchurch Re-watch Gracepoint Co-watch? Either way I'm in.
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I would do a split. I think the comparison discussion would be very difficult to have spoiler-free.
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"There may also be some interest by people who never saw Broadchurch and don't want to be spoiled."

I'd expect for there to be quite a large interest in the US from those who didn't see Broadchurch simply because of Tennant.
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It'd probably be okay to do this show vs. that show comparisons if it's only done on an episode-by-episode basis, assuming they're even the same story (which may be a big assumption). That'd be slightly complicated by the fact that Gracepoint will have two more episodes than Broadchurch, and of course if the twists twist differently, or in a different order, that all kind of goes out the window.

I think it'd be better (and more fun) to save all the comparisons for the final post.

(But, come on, the addition of Kevin Zegers to the cast makes it pretty obvious who the culprit is going to be. SPOILER ALERT.)
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Tennant's American accent is passable. Some sentences are fine and other times he's channeling John Wayne. Very entertaining. I like him better with his Scottish accent.
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For the record, I watched about 12 minutes of the first one and was bored silly by the note-by-note remake. I'll possibly pick up at episode 6 or 7 when they're supposed to differ, if it isn't off the air by then.
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