Farscape: Unrealized Reality   Rewatch 
April 29, 2016 10:00 PM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

While Crichton is out exploring a wormhole in an EV suit, he's pulled inside. There he finds himself face to face with a mysterious being who warns Crichton of the dangers of wormhole navigation and determines that Crichton may have to die because of what he knows.[via]
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Finally, we get to the good stuff. The stuff with Einstein is so entertaining just for Crichton complaining about it. The actual unrealized realities are just kinda creepy having lived with these characters for almost 4 years at this point. Mostly, this feels like setup for the story they didn't get to do in season 5 with Crichton figuring out how wormholes really work and creating the weapon. Also, a great prologue to the Earth stories that come next.
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I agree that this episode is the good stuff! Very ambitious in explaining time and space and wormholes. From the unrealized realities to the "interviews" that change, it's just a cool, confusing episode. I think it gets better every time I watch it!
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Yeah, substantially better than the last few episodes. I'm pretty sure they used footage from one of the future episodes in the highlight reels of alternative timelines or what not, specifically involving John's brother.

This episode also made me want to see a pseudo-documentary of all the characters simply talking about their experiences aboard Moya.
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Atreides, you almost get your wish in "A Constellation of Doubt"...
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