Grimm: The Taming of the Wu
April 30, 2016 5:30 AM - Season 5, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Wu gets entangled in a surprising altercation while suffering from a bite he sustained; Adalind faces a decision that could impact her and Nick's lives forever; Hank and Zuri's relationship begins to evolve.

"Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change." - Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

*Meissner wins the Taggert/Kirk award by managing to get his shirt ripped clean off in the course of a fight scene.
*Adalind finally tells Nick about her hexenbiest powers' return; but doesn't tell him about Diana's return, and then absconds with baby Kelly.
*Zuri is in league with Black Claw.
*The new Black Claw representative, Conrad Bonaparte, wants Renard to try to get Nick on their side.
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Poor Diana, all that power and the social skills of a very young child. She needs a lot of help, and getting manipulated into a secret war is not going to be good for her.
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Ha, manipulated. It's clear Diana's running Black Claw.

Also, Eve really sounded like Juliette tonight. Is this the first time she's behaved that way? It was just because she was still in shock from the telepathic train wreck, right?
posted by Rat Spatula at 10:02 PM on April 30, 2016

Dunno. I watched this and the last one back to back and it seemed like an acceleration of showing actual emotions.

Here's hoping it's an effort to address how Adalind can not have gone back to being awful despite her power's return, some subtly about what it means to be *beist
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Yeah i thought Eve was showing a lot of Juliette too.

I know I called it, but man I didn't wanna be right about Zuri. Poor Hank!
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I thought the same thing about Eve, it was a bit out of nowhere, though I guess they did foreshadow it with the conversation with Rosalee last week (or two).

I liked the hidden message inside Adalind's note, it wasn't clear to me if Nick saw it though.

Diana creeps me out, no good can come of this.

It looks like next season will only be 13 episodes, I wonder if they are winding the show down. I really hope they are able to bring it to a good ending. They're juggling more than a few plot lines.
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Huh, that's worrisome. ‘Grimm’: NBC Keeps Options Open With Shorter Season 6 Order

I mean, on the one hand, that could force the writers to plan a good solid mini-arc for the season. But, then if the order gets increased because whatever new series NBC tries to launch go down in flames, they'll end up with a half-season of filler. And every Grimm season so far has ended with a cliffhanger, I don't expect they'll ever do a completely resolved finale unless they knew 100% that they were ending the show.
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When Meisner checks out the safehouse, he looks in Diana's room - check out the child's drawing of a Hexenbeist on the wall. Mommy!
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Renard's joining the Black Claw. It feels like I've missed an episode because it's just such a bizarre shift with little reasoning behind it. He's a Royal. Why mess with the plebes? Is it making sense to anyone else here?
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He's a Royal. Why mess with the plebes? Is it making sense to anyone else here?

Renard plays his cards pretty close to the vest, but I don't see him actually buying into Black Claw so much as just playing along with them so long as they can provide him with something he wants, which, right now, is Diana. Black Claw may be plebes, but Diana's his princess.
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But, then if the order gets increased because whatever new series NBC tries to launch go down in flames, they'll end up with a half-season of filler.

I personally wouldn't have a big issue with that, but then I have always felt like I enjoyed Grimm as "Law and Order with monsters." So if they had to just explore whatever the new status quo was with more crime of the week stuff for the last 13 episodes of their run? I'd be okay with that.

I suspect that we'll end up with Renard doing a reveal that he's been playing Black Claw at the least for his own ends but maybe from an "explore from within" angle. To do anything else is to pretty well upend the character we've seen for most of the run. He's okay with working outside the law and he'll pick personal/family stuff over the letter of the law, but they have repeatedly shown him trying to pick fairly ethically defensible positions for things. Even the political sleaze he engages in involves simply bringing bad behavior to light.

I'm not sure the show supports the level of complexity, but really the sensible thing here is Renard trying to play Black Claw and BC being well on to this from step one. They don't have any good reason to trust him and they haven't even tried to get him to get his hands really dirty, which would seem to be step one. Instead they have some leverage with the daughter and even then I'm not sure how much that works; he was okay with letting her be out of his life so long as she was safe.

So, fine, BC gets her to use as a carrot and maybe a stick. But she wasn't dangled as a motivator initially. They only produce her once Renard is on board, and not in any way that shows he's seriously committed or bound to them. Now Diana is there but what's really preventing him from grabbing her and telling BC to pound sand?

I don't have great faith that BC won't simply turn out to suck at this, but the show's last half-dozen episodes have actually done a good job of letting me have some faith they won't totally screw this up. There's been some good setup for a long game, with a willingness to put things in motion and let them sit. I was starting to get a little irked with how long they were letting the suppressor's failure be unaddressed but I felt like this episode provided a reasonable timetable for that, tossing out a one month has passed fact.

Overall I find the characters' commitment to not thinking things out past next week kind of irritating but it's not a plausibility breaker for me. I can believe many of these people really aren't that good at the long game.
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Oh, the gratuitous "oops my shirt just came RIGHT OFF during this fight" beefcakery.

Wu finally asks for help! The CG of his facial transformation looked a bit ropy to me; making his werewolf face more humanoid put it right into the uncanny valley, which the more fantastical wesen faces usually avoid.
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Diana is such a lulu to deal with. Probably the scariest SORAS kid I've ever seen. How the hell do you logic with her when she's freaked out?

I do look forward to her reaction to finding out she has a little brother though.
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On rewatch: again Reggie Lee is really good at doing wild-eyed "can't believe this shit" looks.

Genuinely can't remember if/how the Wu-Wolf storyline ends; it feel here like they kinda wanted to take it in a bit of Banner/Hulk learning-to-control-it direction.

Not at all convinced that the Renard/Black Claw stuff is any better plotted than the Renard/Royals stuff was; they're making it up as they go along...
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