The Flash: Rupture
May 3, 2016 7:03 PM - Season 2, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Back on Earth-1, Zoom is intent on taking over Central City; Barry and Wells devise a dangerous plan to stop Zoom for good; Barry reaches out to both fathers for advice.
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Hmm, Is Wally West fully replacing Barry?
I know no one ever dies, but is Barry gone for an episode or a season?

I was sure it was going to be his father that died, but him talking to Iris should have been a sign.

-Rupture was useless. Sending someone with a weakness to bullets to attack armed people is not going to work.
-Jitters is not a fortified building, it does not make a good fortress, but it is cheaper than building a new set.
-Zoom showed how effective a speedster can be. Almost every episode could have been Barry snapping necks.
-Maybe make a new cold gun, Cisco.
-Wells, I don't think Barry injected himself with finger printing chemicals... although that could explain some of the poor choices he's made.
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-Jitters is not a fortified building, it does not make a good fortress, but it is cheaper than building a new set.

I mean, WTF, is there only one police station in all of Central City? Why set up in a coffee shop?
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So, Bazza's dad is going to be the Earth 2 Flash, right?
That neck-snapping scene was lame.
I mean, it didn't need to be all Snyder, but, show some shock.

Gosh, are Jessie Quick and Wally "Blash" West going to end up with speed powers? WHO CAN TELL?

When will Cisco breakdance?
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I know no one ever dies, but is Barry gone for an episode or a season?

If you'd like to know, here's the trailer for the next episode
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Maybe when people tell you not to do something with serious consequences (go back in time, reopen the breach, etc) you should listen. Jesus, how many people are dead now?
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I was expecting Wally to get hit with some speed force after this discussion with his dad about wanting to do more, I was not expecting Jessie, which makes it all the more fun.

Probably the only thing I really didn't care for, because it seemed so pointless, was Zoom's exposition, "Ha ha, you tried to give Flash his speed and you killed him. YOU KILLED HIM! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!!!!!1111" It could have been done better, but that's how it came across to me.

The real question is, why was Iris not locked up with everyone else? Her super reporting powers were more useful than Jessie's five degrees? The fact that the only apparent sorting tool was ,"Zoom has kidnapped me at one point!" was kind of silly.
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Her name is Jessie Quick. How is she not going to acquire speedster powers?

Especially in a multiverse where everyone is just a lab accident and/or transdimensional jump away from snagging some special ability or another?
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Her name is Jessie Quick. How is she not going to acquire speedster powers?

At the same time as Wally West? I didn't see it coming.
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Hm. Better than the past couple, but that's not saying much.

* I did laugh out loud when Cisco yelled "Expecto Patronum!" He's no Tom Cavanaugh, but he's my second favorite Team Flash member.

* Zoom is terrible.
Eobard Thawne worked as a slow burn villain for a couple of reasons: he had a solid plan that required keeping Barry alive, and when they discovered his plan he started making a lot of smart moves that showed he'd been thinking ahead.

Zoom needed Barry alive for awhile, but now that it's no longer true, he's got nothing. I don't have *any* idea what he does all day. Does he zip around checking on his metahumans? Where does he even *go* when he's not creeping on Caitlin? He doesn't appear to have any overarching plan beyond 'snap a few necks' and 'growl like Tony Todd at people so they'll do... stuff?'

It's really dragging. He should want something big. Conquer the world, destroy the universe, something, anything. (I'm disappointed that Hunter Zolomon isn't pulling a 'teach Barry tragedy' thing, as is my understanding of his place in comics lore.)

* Not buying Iris/Barry.
The 'we're fated' thing is super lazy, and the whole thing is just so... weird.

* Rupture was dumb. On top of everything else... he believed *Vibe* took out Reverb? After watching Cisco flee helplessly against his truly lame powers?

* I liked Barry's disintegration, and the dual empowering of Wally and Jesse. Here's hoping they're any fun.
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"Expecto patronum!" was awesome but it was my second favorite Cisco moment. I LOLed when he yelled, "LEEEEEEEEROOOOOYYYY!"
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"My name is Barry Flash and I'm one of the top 25 fastest people on this particular earth. I keep fucking up in ways that leave my inner circle of friends pretty safe, but they should probably kill me for the sake of Earth-1."
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A friend of mine texted me today--"DON'T GET MAD ABOUT THE FLASH UNTIL WE TALK." He then spent almost an hour trying to explain why it will be totally awesome to have more speedsters running around and how Barry being dead is totally based on excellent comic book stuff that will make the show better. I was unconvinced. The writers have a lot of work to do to get me on their side. I'm still bitter about Oliver Queen going from needing no one to take down rooms full of people to getting taken out by a minor shove to give his masked cohorts something to do. I liked that Barry was basically on his own as the only "mask" on The Flash. As much as I love Cisco, I was not too thrilled about the vibing. I don't want Jesse Quick and Wally West on this show, and I hope they move to Earth-2.
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Wally "Blash" West


I LOLed when he yelled, "LEEEEEEEEROOOOOYYYY!"

I wonder why no Jenkins? Not necessary for the reference or some sort of clearance thing?
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That Jitters-as-temporary-police-station thing was just so stupid. But it's par for the course for this show these days. Jay/Zoom just isn't working for me at all. Early on, Zoom had a lot of menace. Now he's just incomprehensible and kind of boring.

The Barry/Iris thing made me want to throw my television through the window. That's nothing new, but there was a period that I thought they would sidestep that whole thing but, nope, they're going all-in. I'd be opposed to it even if they weren't foster siblings about which the show has consistently underscored that Joe, Iris, and Barry are a family. I mean, seriously. They keep pushing both themes at the same time: Barry and Iris are siblings and Barry and Iris are fated for True Love. It's creepy. Someone in the writer's room has issues. But, anyway, even if they weren't siblings I'd hate this just because it's such a stupid television trope. It's so much more interesting when a show subverts this.

I also really don't have much patience for shows that only remember that characters have parents and siblings when it's convenient for the plot. This episode did this twice.

The only thing that I found interesting -- which I wasn't really aware of until I read this thread -- was the possibility that both Jesse and Wally got speed force in the accident. D'uh, their names. I knew something like this was in the cards for Wally, but I didn't notice this with Jesse. I can see why other people may not like this, but it's something new and I'd like something new on this show because right now it's boring me or infuriating me with its stupidity. And I sort of like Jesse. Wally's annoying, but maybe he'll be more interesting with powers.
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When will Cisco breakdance?

Here you go.
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Today I Learned; that if I thought pushing a couple of characters into an essentially incestuous relationship was creepy, it's even creepier when one of the characters volunteers for said incestuous relationship with less enthusiasm than someone picking a phone plan, because destiny or something.

Look, showrunners, if your actress can't even bring herself to put some semblance of passion into her basically throwing herself at Barry, take it as a sign that Barry + Iris is fucking gross.

Barry pining unrequited for Iris was/is super-cliched but . . . . . maybe passable. Iris having a sudden awakening of feelings for Barry because he's heroic, also super-cliched but could have been passable. Iris apparently talking herself into having feelings for Barry, and so now she's the one who's been secretly pining - bleeeeaaargh. Ivan's right - someone with a level of control over the story has Issues.
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Iris just seems to have her shit together in a way Barry does not, which makes Iris broaching the subject unfathomable. I want her to be all like, "Barry, remember when we were in high school, and you tivoed The Royal Tenenbaums off HBO, and you watched it every day for two months? That was FUCKING CREEPY, Barry."

Wally and Jesse getting powers was inevitable. But a team of costumed speedsters sounds corny even by the standards of this show. I have to admit I'm nervous. I feel like the writing room has been making a fair number of bad decisions lately, and I'm not sure I give the show credit to head off a cheesepocalypse at the pass.

That said, it seems equally inevitable that the real Jay Garrick will be a doppelganger for Barry's bio-dad, and that one good decision makes up for a whole lot.
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Iris West in the comics is from the 30th century (sent back as a baby because... comics.) So... they've written themselves into a corner by having future news have Iris West-Allen be destined, without having thought through the incest thing being creepy. So what if a multiple-great granddaughter of the West clan named Iris as it is a family name, gets stranded in the present from the 30th century. You could even use the same actress. Voila, cross-time destiny romance, no incest.
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