The 100: Red Sky at Morning
May 7, 2016 12:58 PM - Season 3, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Clarke and the others try to convince Luna to help; Jasper smiles; Raven and Monty make a discovery; Monty gets a few special moments; Murphy, Indra, and Pike implement their plan. Naturally, not everything goes as it should.

Luna is a pacifist and will not help them fight ALIE; she has her people on her rig to protect. Clarke tries to force the issue and activate the AI the way she did with Emerson, but discovers that the reason Luna left the Conclave was not because she was a weak fighter -- but because she would have been forced to kill all her competitors, including Lexa. Yes, she's that good. Having tried this, Clarke has lost all her leverage and Luna chucks Octavia, Clarke, and Bellamy in the shipping container until they can be sent back.

Except ALIE has found them and (somehow?) has infected one of Luna's people. There is trauma, and torture, and death, but Luna and most of her people escape harm. Except for Jasper's new friend, naturally (who also happens to be a WOC, which bothered me no end). Clarke thinks this will bring Luna to her side, but Luna rejects her arguments, pointing out (rightfully) that Clarke has not shown herself to be noticeably more ethical than ALIE. Clarke, Jasper, Octavia, and Bellamy are drugged and sent back to the mainland, empty-handed.

Meanwhile Monty and Raven have found a backdoor into ALIE's code. Monty reminds Raven not to try to do anything, because they need Becca's password that they can only get from the AI 2.0. They have to wait. But Raven can't; and while Monty is getting busy with Harper, Raven hacks into the encrypted portion of ALIE's code, looking for the killswitch.

ALIE gets Hannah's code to talk to Monty (don't think about the neurology or theology of this too hard, it makes no sense), and while Monty wipes Hannah's code, they lose their access: ALIE has successfully pulled herself out of the Arkadia mainframe.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Murphy Pike & Indra try to destroy the mobile ALIE unit in the temple, but Emori is sent to distract them, and she does, long enough for ALIE to "finish the migration". They destroy the backpack and escape, but they may not realize they didn't do it soon enough. ALIE has migrated all her code and all the uploaded brains to an unreachable location: the old computer on what remains of the original Ark. In space.
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Ok so is Jasper The 100's Miles Obrien in that he must always suffer? I swear this kid can't catch a break between getting speared, losing Maya, and now Shark Girl. Maybe he should help lower the body count and go celibate. Clark too, since her lovers tend to meet some grizzly ends. Essentially -arc teens - never have sex (or think about sex) because everyone you love will die.
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Thanks for posting. I prefer your recaps to my far briefer efforts, suelac. :)

Liked this one. Some specific stuff:
* Clarke is really not firing on all cylinders. I mean, nobody was, but her plan to forcibly chip Luna was dreadful. I'm a little torn about that because on the one hand, I could see her being that desperate. On the other... they needed to actually explain the situation to Luna. At no point do I recall anybody pointing out, "Hey, maybe don't lead all the Grounders, just give us the kill code for ALIE and we'll figure out new succession or otherwise work it out later." She also probably could've pointed out that ALIE now knows where Luna's secret hideout is.

* I knew Raven was going in, of course. I suspect the only way to take down ALIE now will require finding a satellite uplink, what with how the remaining Ark section is a death trap now. I'm not sure they'll pull that off this season.

* Not sure if ALIE plans to assimilate then kill everybody, but it feels likely. She couldn't possibly *need* any of the stragglers from a resource point of view, but I bet she's still pursuing a twisted version of her directive to save the world, and I bet that means 'no loose ends.' (Pretty sure her inability to forcibly chip people also stems from her initial programming, since she's gotten so rules-lawyering about it.)

* Hoping Pike doesn't get a hero's death. Indra should still get to cut him to ribbons. (In the absence of Lexa, Indra gets the nod for 'person I am most rooting for.')

* Still hoping Bellamy doesn't get redeemed either, but I figure it's pretty likely.

* Poor Jasper should definitely go celibate. He is indeed clearly cursed.

* Glad Monte killed his mom. Again. Looks like it's not too healthy for him, but he's way better off.

* I was a little surprised to see waterboarding on what is supposed to be a show for teens. Once again, The 100 is like Game of Thrones, but way less skeevy.
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I feel like Clarke really needs to work on her diplomacy and negotiation skills. Like maybe explaining the problem to Luna, and possibly even listening to her and seeking her ideas on a potential solution, might have been a better plan than overwrought pleading about terrible, unspecified danger and trying to force Luna to take the chip.
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With a name like Luna, of course she's going to be a hippy pacifist.
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