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The semi-finals are on Tuesday and Thursday, and the final is on Saturday. All start at 9pm Central European Time, or 8pm in the UK, or 3pm on east coast USA. Watching is available through your TV in Europe (BBC in the UK), online, and there's an option in the USA. Oh, and the interval act will apparently be Justin Timberlake, fuelling speculation that the USA may be allowed to enter in a forthcoming year.
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For the sake of clarity, let's consolidate conversation about Semifinal 1 in the other post. I'll take responsibility for putting up a similar live-stream discussion posts in advance of Semifinal 2 and the Grand Final, as well.
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I must be noted that the US channel for Eurovision, LOGO, does a 3-hour-delayed feed to the West Coast and will not be overriding it Saturday. And you think spoilers are a problem with superhero movies.
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oneswellfoop: LOGO will also be airing live on their website. Could you watch it there?

Or, use the feed from Sweden's official broadcaster, SVT. That's what I watched today -- it has no geographic restrictions and is the best quality I found. The streaming link should appear on the SVT Play home page shortly before Thursday's semifinal, as well as Saturday's Grand Final.
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