Come join the Eurovision Club!
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I've set up a new club for the Eurovision Song Contest. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just really love the idea of wind machines and superfluous acrobats, come join us to discuss everything Eurovision-related!

The 2016 contest starts tomorrow, May 10th, with the first semifinal. Thursday is the second semifinal, and the Grand Final (featuring Justin Timberlake, yes THAT Justin Timberlake, as an interval act) is Saturday.

The thread for the Semifinal 1 live stream is now available for your perusal and comment. Separate threads for Semifinal 2 and the Grand Final will go up the day before each of those rounds.
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Thanks, zebra! Will anyone be watch and commenting here during Saturday's final? Because I'm not throwing a party and would love to share snark or admiration with any MeFites who might also be watching tomorrow on their ownsome.
posted by Bella Donna at 3:32 PM on May 13, 2016

If you're in North America and doing the Eurovision thing for the first time then if you can please don't wait until the show actually starts (3pm Eastern US) to start working out how to view. I see this every year recently on social media, people getting flustered as they discover it may not be straightforward. You don't want to be missing song after song while trying to learn how to rig up some kind of VPN. Helpful comment here.
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There's a free Eurovision app which I've downloaded and had a brief look at; it's pretty good, especially on background information.
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I love the snarky live comments, but I find I can't watch and chat at the same time -- I miss stuff. Maybe after the singing I can join in.
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