Legends of Tomorrow: Destiny
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Being in the vicinity of the Time Masters leaves Rip and Rory incredibly disturbed for very different reasons. Meanwhile, Sara takes over the Waverider, Kendra is reunited with Carter and Snart decides he might be a hero after all. (IMDB plot summary)

I haven't had an opportunity to see this yet, but I felt the need to post because of the terrible news about everybody's favourite iceman turning into the casual DCCW utility player. The only bright spot is that with Supergirl moving to CW because it's too expensive a show for ABC there is the tiny possibility we can see a Leonard Snart/Cat Grant encounter.
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Jeez, whether (this version of) Captain Cold is really dead or not, I don't know if Legends could survive without him. He and Sara are pretty much what make the show work. I think about the only way they could make this up to us all is to add Matt Ryan as John Constantine -- and guys? I would watch the fuck out of that show.

As for this one, I was amazed that the time travel shit actually worked for once. Jax Han Soloing in was pretty great. The revelation that Rip Hunter sucking at life was part of the plan, um, sure explains a lot. (Mission accomplished.) Thanagar! Welp, all the Hawk stuff is about to get a lot more complicated...

Next week: Let's finally kill the crap out of Vandal Savage. Please.
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I wonder how long ago they planned this... probably not long enough. It fixes a mistake, but it doesn't make the other episodes any better.

Snart should stay dead. Death should mean something.

Snart and Sara should steal a TARDIS and make another spin-off. And babies.

Constantine would be excellent in any of their shows, I think Arrow needs him the most.

If 'evil' time lord didn't tell Rip about his plan everything would have gone perfectly.. I doubt they'd do a double set up where even that explosion was in their plans...

Right before Snart pistol whipped Mick I thought he was going to freeze his arm in place. 'ya know, 'cause they can grow those back...and no one would have had to 'die'.

..The double pistol whipping was repetitive.
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The double pistol whipping was repetitive.

I think it should have been the entire episode. Get everybody from every corner of the DC Universe--The Fiddler! Granny Goodness! Doctor Tzin-Tzin!--and just line'em up Airplane!-style.
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Oh, hell - I hadn't considered the possibility of Snart's death in this episode being in any way permanent. Wentworth Miller has been the saving grace of this train wreck of a series, I can't imagine them coming up with anyone satisfying to fill the void. (When he apologized to Mick, I thought he was going to freeze-ray his arm to the failsafe and then shatter it off, since Gideon could just build him a new one like his.) There were a lot of fun moments in this episode, but that news bums me out. feh.
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Oh, and in related DCCW time travel news (that only comic fans will care about at this point) , Bertanti is in charge of the Booster Gold movie.
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I think planning went into this, because as we have all noted: TEAM IDIOT are dumb.
But, really, this feels more retcon than natural story.
There were so many cribs from Dr Who lore here, it was as stupid as the wellspring being a campus somewhere.

Snart's not dead. I mean, they needed to hold a plunger in. THEY HAD AN ICE GUN and Canary's hit-sticks, or one dozen other options, plus they have atime ship.

Is Crump's beard real or fake? I could go either way, but this episode I was leaning with glued on.

Man, if not for the cast, I'd have Walking Dead's this show.

(Also, NOT buying Sara/Snart at all, but the 'steal a kiss' line was so bad it was good)
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I'm on Team Retcon, here. No way did they plan this because having the team be so dumb was too alienating for the audience. About half the people attending these threads dropped the show, right? (Getting people to like awful protagonists is a bit of an art form, and these guys have to know they don't have it down.)

* I too was shocked that Snart didn't just freeze Mick's hand and break it off. Count me as one more person who thinks the show can't survive without him. He, Mick and Sarah are indeed the reasons to keep watching.

* The most head asplodey thing for me this episode was probably the Thanagar mention, even over and above Snart's death. If there's a Thanagar, why are Kendra and Carter not Thanagarians? (Kendra could've been a simple barista... on an alien world!)

* I did like that the Time Masters were using Savage as an agent, rather than letting him be their all-powerful boss. That actually struck me as reasonably clever, down to them having Savage kill Rip's family. I didn't like the whole Oculus thing - the implications are much too big for this show to handle - but them manipulating him made plenty of sense.

* Jax using what he learned along the way to get back to them was also pretty good. His talk with Stein wasn't bad either - a long time coming, really.

* I am worried that S2 will be them chasing Savage through time. I'm really hoping that's not the deal, dunno if I'll stick with the show if it is.
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We saw Savage shoot a kid. The only reason to go there is to make it extra satisfying when he bites it. And besides, I think the relative scarcity of Savage appearances in the back half of the season implies the show knows he's kind of a dud. (Sorry, Casper Crump. You're a good actor, but your part needed, like, a Ron Perlman type. I.e., Ron Perlman. He's the type.) Savage is dead.
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About half the people attending these threads dropped the show, right?

For me it's become a "watch if I happen to be home when it's on 'live'" show. Definitely not on my "must watch" list. Which means I've seen maybe 1/3 of the episodes.
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I keep watching because the moments and some of the actors make it worth the rest of the slog/bore.

If there's a Thanagar, why are Kendra and Carter not Thanagarians? (Kendra could've been a simple barista... on an alien world!)

I have to assume the meteor that enabled all this has a Thanagarian origin. So there will be blahblah handwavery about how it enabled Kendra and Hawkbore to reincarnate and be all wingy.

Bertanti is in charge of the Booster Gold movie.

Heeezzzehhhhhhh. (imagine that in a somewhat resigned but not entirely despondent tone) Well I'll take it over any of the other incessantly dour garbage they've been pumping out. When these shows are light and fun they can be quite delightful. Whether the influence of the movie division will let them just keep the sourfest parts - or amplify them - I guess we'll see.
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So there will be blahblah handwavery about how it enabled Kendra and Hawkbore to reincarnate and be all wingy.

Hawk continuity is a virus, isn't it?
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Wow, that was such an improvement over the last episode.

I did like how the twist was that "oh, Savage is the only one who can save us from evil invading aliens." Damn. No wonder Rip is so easily played.

Oh, Sara and Snart. I know people lose their shit if a bi girl ever touches a dude again, but I would root for that pairing. (But no babies: babies ruin badassery for a few decades.)
I do hate that he's off this show because he's one of the few reasons for watching it. On the other hand, if he can time travel on his own anywhere he bloody wants as an Oculus (or whatever they come up with), still pretty good.

Jax, you're a nicer dude than I. But him and Martin making up here was kind of sweet.

Not too much Savage/Kendra/Carter in this, which I enjoyed, but too bad that means it's all about them in the end.
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