Grace and Frankie: The Road Trip
May 15, 2016 3:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Grace and Frankie do a road trip to track down a former love interest of Grace's. It doesn't go well.

Frankie goes on about all the Frankie's she's been, including her high school self Frances. Grace is all, "No, I am consistently the same person, it's part of my schtick." Anyway, Frankie's become a bit more competent with the computer, enough to track down Phil, the hinted-at former love interest of Grace's. He lives in Mission Viejo, so Frankie suggests a road trip to drop in on him.

Problems with this:
(a) Frankie refuses to wash her car-- it has "Wash Me" followed by "There's a fucking drought, asshole!" written on it.
(b) Frankie hasn't driven on the freeway in ages
(c) Grace is drinking
(d) When Frankie inevitably gets pulled over for a brake light, the cop discovers her license expired three years ago.

Luckily for them, Grace's drunk driving isn't caught. Anyway, they pull up in front of Phil's and order a pizza delivery, and then Phil shows up. He's not happy to see Grace because she didn't show up for him fifteen years ago. Ouch.

In other news, Robert is out of the hospital and unhappy that Brianna got him a lift recliner chair, and Sol is terrified to be left alone with Robert because he's going to blab. Sol and the kids blab loudly about keeping secrets--Brianna wants him not to tell--and when Robert wants to know what's going on, he's told that Coyote has chlamydia. Later, another attempt is held off at the pass when Robert breaks out the wedding rings.

Quote Corner:
"Can we have five minutes where no one mentions my groin?" -Robert
"Fine, I'll drive drunk." -Grace
"We're like three blocks from the guy we're stalking." "You shouldn't have told me that." --Frankie and the cop.
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"What is the worst that could happen? That he's bald? That he still likes you? That he wants to make a suit out of your skin?"
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