Grace and Frankie: The Chicken
May 15, 2016 9:42 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Frankie revisits the idea of dating Jacob. Grace attempts to be a mentor. Robert prepares a special shabbat dinner for Sol.

Frankie and Jacob have what she thinks is a business dinner and everyone else tells her is a date. Frankie kinda freaks out about it, but later reconsiders and kisses Jacob in mid-ramble. So good for her there.

Frankie submits her artwork for the lube--Brianna objects to the pubic hair in the first one, so they go with the art Frankie paints with her vagina. Brianna is still dating Barry and he wants out of the dating closet, which Brianna obliges by yelling that they're dating at the hall. Her assistant Adam is all, everyone knows and nobody cares. Barry is also psyched to meet Grace again, who not only didn't remember him, but thought they'd fired him.

After Grace donates some clothes to "A Change Of A Dress," an organization that donates clothes and provides mentoring to young women in search of work, she signs up to be a mentor. However, Billie the punk bartender is pretty hard to handle. Grace lines up an interview with her with Brianna, but Billie flakes on going, saying that Grace makes her feel dumb and whatnot.

Mallory and Robert Skype while he tries to fit into his old "London suit" (apparently a memorable outfit for him and Sol, it needs a lot of work) and makes a chicken dinner for shabbat. It all starts out very romantic...until Sol simply has to tell about sleeping with Frankie and Robert kicks him out.

Quote Corner:
"Have you ever seen anything so bulbous?" "That's a trick question, to which I say..perhaps." -Jacob and Frankie...on yams.
"I would hate to have my lube lack hardiness." -Frankie
"Did all the other fancy ladies get beamed up to the mothership without you?" -Frankie on seeing Grace's donation wardrobe.
"It's a sad weird hippie date, but it's a date." --Grace to Frankie on what's really going on with her and Jacob.
"Hon, maybe you should hit end call. This won't be pretty." -Robert to Mallory over Skype as he's about to try to get out of that suit.
"It's very vaginal." "I think it's my best work since Hitler's circumcision." Apparently Frankie did a painting of this that Kenny Loggins owns.
"I painted this one with my vagina. You need a very long brush and a strong pelvic floor." -Frankie
"Taking shit is part of every job." -Grace
"You're like a two legged version of my mom." -Billie
When Grace points out who's made a career while having a nostril piercing, Billie come up with Lenny Kravitz and Indira Ghandi.
"Whatever you're afraid of happening, it's already happened." -Jacob
"Jacob wants sex. With me. And a vagina." -Frankie
"When did you become the optimist in this relationship?" "Tuesday." -Frankie and Grace
"Mom! That's almost not an insult!" -Brianna
"You can use my office/cubicle/prison." -Adam the assistant.
"Did you just stop your own ramble by kissing me?" -Jacob
"I don't clean the shaker...puts a nice stank on it." -Billie's secret to good drinks
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"Short of being a pirate, taking shit is part of every job."
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True dat.
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Still not liking Martin Sheen very much. Everyone else is excellent, and Jane Fonda is especially amazing. But Martin Sheen isn't convincing me of anything.
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I actually exclaimed NOOOOO SOL NOOOOO when he said he had to tell Robert something.

I am so fond of Grace this season.
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