The Night Manager: Episode 4
May 16, 2016 8:36 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Pine finds himself in the middle of an arms deal, and in other arms as well. Things start to heat up in London, as some of the bad guys are revealed.

"Andrew Birch" may soon be a wealthy man. On paper. If he can survive. Jed and Corky take turns being loose cannons. Rex Mayhew seems a bit out of his depth. Poor Apo.
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"No one saw me."

"You saw no one see you. It's not the same thing."

I have been waiting a lifetime for someone to say that in a spy show. (And of course it turns out later Jed was wrong).
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He's going to get left holding the bag, isn't he. That eye scan links him and only him to this deal and everybody back in England is either bumbling or corrupt, except for Olivia Coleman.
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Just binge-watched the first four episodes. Ye gods, a well-written espionage series with high production values and an amazing cast. Golden Age of TV indeed.

I've read several Le Carre novels but not the Night Manager. I have no idea what's coming and fear for my favorite characters because there is just no way everyone gets out of this alive.
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Did anyone else notice that aggrieved diner, victim of Corky's blow-up was none other than David Cornwell/John LeCarre himself?

To those who see bad things coming, just reflect that Ke Carre's entire oeuvre can be summed up as no good deed goes unpunished"
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First day in a made to measure suit and he ends up with jizz down the leg.
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Gah, can't he think with his brain instead of his penis?! How hard is it to just NOT have sex with your murderous boss's lady friend?
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And, ugh, it was so annoying to keep hearing how EVERYONE lusts after Mr. Birch. Angela Burr is still The Best.
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Eight years later, it's returning for a second season. (Note, there are spoilers there for later episodes.)
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