Grace and Frankie: The Goodbyes
May 16, 2016 4:20 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Coyote's biomom comes to visit. Grace tries to suck it up and tell Phil she can't see him any more. Robert hangs out at the super gay dog park.

So Coyote's biomom is a redheaded Southern woman named Krystle, who asks "What kind of Christians are you?" to the Bergsteins and gives them a figurine of Jesus playing soccer. As my mother pointed out, how would you like to be this woman and find out that you gave away your son to a hippie Jewish/paganish (Frankie's praying to Frigg in this episode) couple in which one of them's gay and they named your child Coyote? Krystle takes it surprisingly well or at least politely, all things concerned. Frankie, on the other hand, ends up injuring Krystle a few times and breaking the head off Jesus. ("First you stepped on her foot, then you threw tobasco in her face, and now you killed Jesus.") In the end, Krystle seems nice enough, but apparently this was a one-time visit and she has no intention of telling her family Coyote exists, which ticks Frankie off.

Robert goes out with some gay friend of his and the friend's dog, Tina, and finds out that the San Diego dog park is just one giant hookup area. Robert starts hanging out with John, the ex-priest, and doesn't hook up, but Sol drives by and feels jealous anyway.

Speaking of Christianity, Grace goes to a church and prays to God for help in sending Phil away because she can't be the cheater. However, after she tells him no, her car won't start and, well....she doesn't end up saying no after all.

Quote Corner:
"No one's gay, no one's on drugs." -Coyote
"You need Dad to press on your sternum?" "I'm not allowed to do that any more."
"What are you worried about, except the floor having dandruff?" -Grace to Frankie, who cleans the floor with shampoo.
"You've raised a moderately successful young man." -I think this was Grace about Coyote.
"Is there a doctor that suggests LESS exercise?" -Robert's friend correctly guessing what his doctor tells him.
"You can half tuck as of 2010." --Robert's friend on how shirt tucking isn't done any more.
"Is there a reason we don't have knives out?" "Yes." --Bud and Sol
*Well, the good news is, you found your neti pot. You're serving nuts in it." -Grace
"Never got a B, never forgot to write a thank you note, F--- ME." --Grace on the rewards of being a lifelong good girl.
"Well, if you need the goddess of numbness and Xanax, I have some in my purse." -Grace
"Isn't that a sporty Jesus! You'd think his robe would trip him up." -Frankie
"So what kind of Christians are y'all?" "The Jewish kind." "Ohhh, the originals."
"It's not like a Gertrude Stein/Alice B. Cooper situation." -Frankie explaining that she and Grace aren't also lesbians. "But I did start dating a yam farmer."
"There's nothing wrong with a little self-flagellation." --John the ex-priest.
"He'll come back. It's his thing." --Frankie after breaking Jesus's head off.
"This isn't the first nose I had and it probably won't be the last." -Krystle after getting tabasco thrown in her face.
"Can't talk right now, I'm stalking Robert!" -Sol. (SERIOUSLY SO MUCH STALKING IN THIS SHOW.)
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I figure the only way Krystle didn't go more ballistic here was that she was only going to be dealing with this for an hour out of the rest of her life. That and saying "Bless your heart" on the way home.
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